Zheng Shuang Yang Yang open dog dog model fresh shape I give out! (video) pullip

Zheng Shuang Yang Yang open dog dog model fresh shape I give out! In this drama shortage day, finally like a drama version of "smile" has very little, the feeling is like chasing the drama until finally express little brother personally will pass a package on the hand of the moment, happy and satisfied with wood?! Today Xiaobian tell you about the dog abuse drama, drama is Su minute burst of rhythm, Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang on this high yen value CP fresh modeling has really seductive suction eye, old girl heart was awakened! A dandy is full, PK installed a well versed in; do not sue, skills are full of small to eat dog food…… Dog abuse strokes 1 campus daily Hin Liao Han happy memories often anthomaniac playing games on the campus of the day, this happened in campus idol drama, there are many stamps in our hearts the most soft memory. Zheng Shuang’s beauty Curve Wrecker Bei met Yang Yang’s slightly influential man brother Xiao Nai, the interaction between two people is Su to burst! Many of them reflect the campus life, but also reminds us of the deepest memories of the screen…… For example, combined with the roommate network Daguai upgrade, this is the memory of the night you have to brush up? The dormitory steal electric cooker, prevent the dorm and roommates aunt check sleep to wear a pair of pants, together with the anthomaniac seniors, candid man of God? Senior male god yiyanbuge PK basketball, you can always pull the roommate to watch the game, the way to the small anthomaniac heart thump thump? Envy Baby Zheng Shuang easily got? The goddess teach you out of campus Belle van! Candid camera male god was found, even pretending to self? Although there are a lot of exaggerated ingredients, but it reminds us of those days on campus, of course, we may not have a male friend…… The child! 2 other dog abuse / fresh love very seductive! Speaking of youth campus idol drama, the fresh styling essential! Zheng Shuang’s shell is tiny cute, cute clever Yang Yang, Xiao Nai is equal to anything of God, the sun handsome. Two people in the play style is to light based, collision, from the heroine’s fate was attracted to the cafe door within the Internet at first sight, to the game world hero after the wedding, to moisten the reality first love youth throb, work together to achieve the dream of the game to Mo, this value CP is really seductive very high yan! Zheng Shuang Liao Han must-have: white shirt and skirt, T said, Zheng Shuang’s beauty Curve Wrecker Pui slightly, full service list sixth master duel, Qingda Computer Department of flowers, looks gorgeous sitting on 34D chest however independent simple, most often wear is shirt skirt, fresh and bright, young girl force burst table, no wonder we can hold up to the Xiao Nai! Zheng Shuang Calvin Klein Jeans denim vest, with a fresh and lively temperament.相关的主题文章: