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Zhao Yinyin president of the international sommelier competition judges open fingertips to tongue tour Zhao Yinyin Zhao Yinyin and Chinese tasting piano player Zhao Yinyin Tencent entertainment news recently, pianist Zhao Yinyin was invited to have a "Music City" said the Austria capital of Vienna, as the second serve international sommelier contest world finals judges. Serve international sommelier is the first contestant’s professional ability and attitude of the sommelier duties included the criteria for selection of games, is the international high standard high level occupation match. Zhao Yinyin, who has won many gold medals and prizes in more than and 40 international piano competitions, is one of the most important figures in the classical music world. He is a passionate gourmet delicacy, critics and connoisseurs Wine. A personal collection of thousands of Wine, Zhao Yinyin not only appreciate Wine, more willing to share with friends, invite friends to dinner held many more friends, was dubbed the "left the piano, right Michelin". Zhao Yinyin, as the representative of the Chinese music industry, served as the judges of the sommelier competition. This in Vienna, is not the traditional sense of the piano tour, is also a wonderful western art cultural exchange and communication. In the early stages of the game, Zhao Yinyin opened the mouth of the gourmet journey. Especially in a continuous forty-nine years Michelin Samsung restaurant, kitchen and cellars, let Zhao Yinyin full of surprises, a variety of wine cellar. The chef to introduce and demonstrate the exquisite and unique art kitchen, Zhao Yinyin as a delicacy and art artist, launched a cultural exchange and pleasant delicacy chef, to achieve a fusion of eastern and Western culture and art. Zhao Yinyin bluntly, the third generation master every day in the kitchen, more than and 90 year old mother every day will come to the kitchen, the family restaurant has been awarded Michelin Samsung is one of the reasons, this is the greatest respect for the delicacy. To his surprise, sous chef was piano fans! Although this trip is only food, Zhao Yinyin took the opportunity to return to the palace in Vienna also conducted a piano recital. Zhao Yinyin and Shu Qiao gourmet culinary PK and broadcast live, two people have said that the first game of the second delicacy. Two a friendship belief approximation, said the best friend in life is basically a mercenary friend, a person who is willing to spend a lot of time to prepare food to entertain, can only be a bosom friend. Interview by Shu Qiao said with a smile, their children usually go to Zhao Yinyin’s house of love and hate, happy is can eat delicacy, not happy is also in front of the teacher Zhao revealed piano skills.相关的主题文章: