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Zhang Ziyi himself qualified mother small sisters wake up apple – Sohu   entertainment; Zhang Ziyi admission [Click to enter the HD Photo qualified mother]     Sohu entertainment news on October 26th, Zhang Ziyi and Han Rain in Tsim Sha Tsui attended the event, the scene attracted over a hundred fans early for the presence of idols. Zhang Ziyi wearing a white dress dress appeared, neck hung a string of more shining diamond. The mood is good son smile face, more deliberately stopped to let fans take pictures. Zi Yi said in an interview now in addition to the work of the time, is when a stay-at-home mom, she smiled and said he was very competent. Asked the baby know how to call Mom and dad? She said: "know, but she first asked Dad (jealous?) No." Enjoy together with her husband Wang Feng mentioned earlier song of Jacky Cheung’s concert, Ziyi admits very much hope, praised the professional, and then song in the movie cooperation. According to Hongkong media reports, talking about her daughter is nearly a year old, asked how to celebrate with her daughter? Zhang Ziyi said: "I do not want to do, I would like to do a big party for her, inviting friends and family, but in fact, do not want to be good." Asked whether the usual wake up for her daughter and stepdaughter little apple pick the same gift? Zhang Ziyi said: "Yeah, sisters are the same. (are they feeling good?) Well, my sister loves her very much." [entertainment fountain where? Zhang Ziyi, Sun Li to do an example of entertainment exposure too much slag man deeds, the recent new line of slag wife is also refreshing the online eating melon people’s world view. In the negative news of long-term occupation of audio-visual days, we have to find their own point to be clean cleaning dirty views. As the world is still a good man, there are quite a number of entertainment and family business double harvest successful woman. They all have a career will make money, social occasions with the public back home, can be nothing difficult; housekeeping can take the baby, and her husband did not show up well Ailaisi lost young, this woman is Li Zhi materials, more capital bold life. Zhang Ziyi and wake up most of the mentioned must be Zhang Ziyi, in the film world is quite popular "Guo Jizhang", become a hot mom after the sun baby was crazy, it seems that every mother couldn’t help such joy. Micro-blog daily record of wake up growth, netizens think it is to return to the family xiangfujiaozi actress, who knows the freaky Zhang Ziyi actually took the children went through a Hollywood blockbuster, who can not do for these purposes, the superior ability of the female strong people, career and family are easy to fix. Even some time ago Wang Feng was black, wake mom have come up with a full of vigor, immediately head for her husband grievance. For Wang Feng and his ex-wife’s daughter, although the mother has been to pit is non fracas, but Zhang Ziyi is out of all to love, really is a good example of the entertainment circle wife. The Sun Li family portrait empress Sun Li deeds needless to say. Career, the drama of a sister has not shaken. Life, though it is already a mother of two children, but still skin white beauty, leisure time and family to take a family portrait, to the children draw a cartoon. Although the entertainment gossip, some persons exposed from time to time.相关的主题文章: