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Ye Tan: Hengda is the winner – Property – original title: Ye Tan China current business world: Hengda can maintain 10% or even higher profit growth in 2016 is a turning point of Hengda a year. Including sales and other indicators comprehensive beyond Vanke, a residential real estate, Hengda era. In October 3rd, Chinese Hengda announced agreement with shenshenfang, the latter to issue A shares or cash to buy Chinese Hengda domestic Affiliated Companies Guangzhou Kchibo Real Estate Co. holds 100% stake in Hengda Real estate, payment for shares and payment (or cash). If this is successful, Hengda Real estate will be listed simultaneously in Hongkong and the mainland. Hengda Real estate before the implementation of the transaction to introduce about 30 billion yuan war cast. The transaction constitutes a spin off for Hengda listing; the transaction constitutes a major asset restructuring for the deep room. Hengda is expected in the next 3 years, sales, revenue and net profit of $1 trillion and 500 billion, respectively, $1 trillion and 8 billion and $88 billion 800 million. From 2017 to 2019, three years is expected to contract sales of approximately 450 billion yuan, 500 billion yuan and 550 billion yuan, to maintain an average annual growth rate of around 10%; expected the revenue was 280 billion yuan, 348 billion yuan and 380 billion yuan; the expected net profit of non deduction of three years were approximately 24 billion 300 million yuan, 30 billion 800 million yuan, 33 billion 700 million yuan. Hengda side promised that, if the performance of the commitment expires, the underlying assets of the actual profit is not enough to guarantee the performance of the results, then Kchibo home should be in accordance with the provisions of the regulatory authorities and approved way of compensation. From the data point of view, Hengda estimates more conservative, high probability of excessive commitment to achieve high. A land reserve Hengda has been sweeping into the daring vanguard. From the Real Estate Company’s most important land reserve, from 2009 Evergrande land reserves jumped to the country’s first, so far. From 2009 to 2014, Hengda land reserve average annual growth rate of 33.5%. By the end of June, Hengda land reserve of 167 million square meters, according to Ellis of market valuation, land reserve from 251 billion 600 million rose to 524 billion 200 million yuan, if the value of the land reserve value according to the average of the past ten years, Hengda assets will rise sharply. Hengda has basically completed the restructuring of the land reserve. At one time, Evergrande is the three line city real estate spokesman. In March 31, 2014, Hengda performance of the conference site, Hengda Real Estate Group chairman of the board of directors of the three time Xu Jiayin stressed that 2013 Hengda Real estate sales exceeded 100 billion yuan in 46% is the three or four line of the city’s contribution. But Hengda quickly completed a new round of strategic adjustment in accordance with the situation, starting in 2014 to become a second tier cities soil giant. In 2014 to become the key to the change of year Hengda resource structure of land reserve, land reserve group located in 147 National City, covering all Chinese first-tier cities and most of the capital city, in 305 projects, 46.9% in a second tier city. Performance of 2016相关的主题文章: