Yao Yao, science and technology, the future way of associating small glory listed 400ai.com

"Yao Yao · · science and technology, the future way of associating small glory listed in November 23rd, the automotive division Wuzheng group held a new conference ­ have a unique style in the sunshine; ­ Association – car market conference. Company team, distributors, industry media to witness this historic moment! The company will begin to build the future of the truck, the obvious advantages associated with technology, fashion way small advanced appearance, strong power, ahead of the sense of science and technology, innovation has become the market benchmark Chinese high-end truck. To meet the market demand of high-end logistics, is the China truck the main trend of the future high-end truck, it is also based on changes in the market and users of high-quality and high-end demand keen grasp, the company will focus on high-end truck market, launched the Innovation Work Association. Which way to "the pursuit of easy and efficient transportation of people with science and technology, safety, quality, environmental protection and comprehensive solution" brand positioning, based on high-end truck market, to the professional point of view of the pursuit of comfortable, high quality "truck users create a cost-effective high-end pickup. With the rapid development of the association of milepost meaning. New conference of the company, which listed for transit pickup truck market adds a rookie, for the development of high-end truck market has brought new vigor and vitality, but also will bring new driving trucks out of the ordinary experience. Yao Yao · · science and technology, the future holographic cool car show which way car market conference Yao Yao · · science and technology, the future "as the theme, show the association way product technology, a sense of the future.   "Yao · science and technology" – continuous exploration, a creative science and technology. As a new technology in the design of small cars, which way is the kind of small to convey the pursuit of freedom, with determination, personality attitude and persistent belief. Which way car gives a person with a strong, stable, spacious impression from the exterior to. The association of transit card industrial designer JosiahLaColla (from Detroit’s top independent industrial design company) to visit the site, bring a design for us to open up a fresh outlook. In the design of transit card association, he around the city truck concept design first, the use of a large number of continuous lines, to achieve a unique China style appearance. Which way show the appearance of the image, the ultimate design thanks to the front of each dimension, and all through the whole continuous lines in the new open door, down after the new mirror, flow potential at the bottom of the grille, headlights, and the combination of long LED panel design wonderful to have top application, under the premise of ensuring functional under the present trend of visual motion forward. JosiahLaColla said, is to create value for customers, consumers association way to complete the task, is also committed to the commercial vehicle industry innovation value. With the appearance of small Transit Association design inspiration, product design.相关的主题文章: