Xu Liqian 9.29eia data bullish crude asphalt mad! How do empty single quilt kaya scodelario

Xu Liqian 9.29EIA data bullish crude asphalt mad! How do empty single quilt? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Xu Liqian 9.29EIA data bullish crude asphalt mad! How do empty single quilt? The past few years [review], I didn’t give her what holiday, almost every day, staying up late teacher Xu Liqian Wagner, qian9949 prestige often because a single set of solutions for customers, stay up all night, not only to get out of trouble, but also often talk to them. Do this line, mentality, is always the first. I think the difference between customer and analyst is not only professional skills difference, is where the biggest customer mentality, probably because money shilly-shally missed a lot of half believe and half doubt profit opportunities, but will lose. Often see a lot of customers because of the loss of more than blind operation, Xu Liqian hope that we can remember that you do not have enough chips to play every guess! [EIA] to review market prices plummeted in today’s market, my morning to my customers said, today is a big bear trend. So the data did not come out, I will let the customer empty single layout greatly, grabbed more than and 100 points, to let customers out of the empty one, when the market is still volatile, a more than a single approach, in this market, with customers to seize the trend, they make me happy. Also happy for them. The sudden fall in market prices, how to grasp the best entry point? Buy time to be patient, and so on. First, such as the MACD of the 5 day moving average and up through the 10 day moving average, indicating that short-term oil prices have been low, the formation of the new transaction price not only in the current market has been recognized, and the average position of cost is still a short time to have many favorable direction. Second, the average daily turnover of the line on the average of 10 days on the run, indicating that the market has been a certain degree of recovery of the popularity of the new funds continue to enter the transaction so that the amount of the price with a reasonable approach to the 5. Third, when the DIF MACD break up, the gold cross itself is a technical buy signal, if the cross DIF and MACD above the 0 axis, the higher the credibility, indicates that the market may last longer. However, even if the intersection is completed under the 0 axis, the rebound in the market outlook is not small. How to release crude oil [empty single quilt? 1], you need the light warehouse operation: first, the light warehouse operation, we make great profit precious metal investment at the same time, the risk is great, if you always heavily loaded operation, then you will never get up again once missed. For example, if you take a 5 point loss, each two or three points will run away, then take a small fee, you earn only one to two points, that is to say 4-5 single earned can be withstood a single loss. The accuracy rate of eighty percent can take you the teacher’s preservation, then the investment meaningless. 2, you need to understand the teacher’s ideas相关的主题文章: