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The new Xinjiang tourism focus on remediation site is illegal dishonesty – Xinhua News Agency Urumqi November 1st news (reporter Pan Ying) Xinjiang tourism website recently launched special rectification action of serious violations of dishonesty, through online inspections, investigations, reports of illegal dishonesty on issues such as the region’s tourism website exists to carry out centralized regulation. Reporters from the the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Tourism Bureau, the special rectification activities including comprehensive travel sites, travel sites, online travel booking service sites, tourist attractions and tourism website website channel etc.. This action will focus on 7 illegal content process: one is false propaganda, fictional facts, of the scenic spots, hotel accommodation standard fuzzy; two tourism website provides booking service disputes, information fails to unsubscribe from predetermined error, consumption; the three is the establishment of tourism website information fraud, false cheat; four is malicious disclosure of personal information, privacy violations; five is the release of gambling, pornography and other illegal content; six is not set up user complaint platform or not timely disposal of user complaints information; the seven is the default user travel website and conniving illegal acts of dishonesty. At the same time, Xinjiang is to build tourism integrity publicity platform, the platform will be promptly announced to the public the local tourism team daily reference price and minimum consumption of tourism products to promote tourism product integrity guidance, transparent charging.相关的主题文章: