World of Warcraft 7 Legion Return Weapon Specialization — a simple guide to game

"World of Warcraft" 7 Legion Return Weapon Specialization — a simple guide to game original title: look at the face of the outbreak of the 7 army’s simple guide Weapon Specialization to relatively stable data with circulation, write a bit late. This is just a simple teaching. God can be ignored. The soldiers in the current version, the 5, fam, team performance is also good in the emerald nightmare. The initial IMBA to now mean to see the face, not change radically, but the cut is not tiny but adventitious quantity. The positioning of the weapon war is that the face of a single short-term outbreak, short bursts of AOE. Sense of combat said in the past, but because of double CD focusing flow, fight it another hand cramps. Talent plus LV15 firm: passive, your skill consumption reduces rage by 20%. Press: use, consume 10 rage, need to trigger, with an additional critical strike chance of 60%. (PVP may be used on the PVE, now can not see the damage completely) Sweeping Strikes: passive, lethal attack and kill will hit second nearby targets. (this talent is completely different with the previous sweep, two different skills, it is not the first copy of target damage, and also the first on the target or benefit not equivalent to an extra second goal being a lethal blow, and beheaded can cause harm to the second target is also in the target: second kill line. With Titan power in dual target battle may have additional surprises, but not to the emerald dream no chance) what reference Lv30 shock wave: use, no consumption, CD40 seconds to within the cone a shock wave, X damage, and all enemies within 10 yards in a coma for 4 seconds. Hitting 3 or more targets reduces cooldown by 20 seconds. (the 5 essential stormbolt FAM): to use, no consumption, CD30 seconds, an enemy to throw your arms deals X physical damage and stunning them for 4 seconds. (not in the enjoyment of coma damageapplied, is a chicken ribs again assault skills): passive, make use of the maximum number of charge increase first, and shorten the cooling time of 3 seconds. Lv45 combat Frenzy: passive, whirlwind damage to main target increased by 40%. Tear: use, consume 15 rage, cause X damage in about 15 seconds. (15 anger about 15W damage caused by completely uneconomical) Avatar: use, no consumption, CD1.5 minutes, a giant, lasts 20 seconds, you make 20% damage increase, and removes all stun and slow effect. Lv60 recovery of the wind: passive, sustained 5 seconds without any damage, restore the value of life per second of 6%. (for tasks with PVP) strut: passive, cooling time is shortened by 15 seconds over the brave, and make your movement speed increased by 70%, lasts 3 seconds. (individual copies require a wide range of mobile) defensive stance: use, no cost, defensive stance, CD10 seconds, so that you get all the damage相关的主题文章: