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As to Guizhou, the "roadside picnic" local tourism – Sohu "many overlapping night quietly formed dark rose light absorption earth restrain in order to find you and I moved into the fragrance of poetic bird’s eyes often stare at the passing wind" film "and" roadside picnic on the hot and humid wheat as the mist floated into my heart. The old songs, watch, a county road, a frame can even smell the fragrance of the soil plant mixed with the picture, I started to drive every moment there are good scenery "in Guizhou. Get real "roadside picnic" opportunity to thank the travel channel and SAIC chase jointly organized activities: self driving car travel. The high value of tourism satellite support four groups of people, as well as the well-being of the love of the master Zhang family to accompany me to leave. Travel: driving (SAIC chase RV) 7.28 near Guizhou, this mysterious humid subtropical native, early brain image and travel in view of the fusion and separation. Arrived in Guiyang, the first contact with the car, or very surprised. The staff of the various functions of the car, feeling, opened the door to the new world. Learn a lot about the car: their own domestic R & D and production of the car can be also like foreign friends, no pressure to provide a comfortable living environment on the road, really on the way home. All kinds of circuit design is reasonable, not only provides a charging voltage of 220V port, rescue can not be divorced from the modern science students, the living room, bedroom and other circuit switch different living areas are separated, so energy saving and environmental protection. Designers also fully take into account the road may not signal the dilemma, we also equipped with this in the LCD TV and DVD entertainment system. The right side of the car can be propped up from a sunshade, opened the door is the first four seats, but also everyone in the living room. From the living room to the rear, you can see through the opposite kitchen and toilet is everyone’s bedroom in the evening. Imagine a place in the sky at night is natural flowers wrapped, looking forward to the RV tour start. Kitchen equipment, kitchen and refrigerator not only. Finish the study is to feed the stomach, this is a perennial wandering in the city of the basic training of photographers. The relationship between food and water is very delicate, Guiyang food is also very distinctive. The famous local snacks, like pudding cake Rice porridge, zhe Ergen stir-fried smoked pork Guiyang silk doll, and intestines face, love the taste of love will be very. The relationship of time, some too late to take pictures. The local Fish in Sour Soup, very fresh taste. 7.29 finally wait until the official start! Experience before departure ceremony meng. After 4, 5 hours by car finally arrived in Maolan Qinglong jianhe. The scene of the wind is the greatest enjoyment in driving. It is a time to leave the real world, is a kind of life in other parts of the stimulus. The wilderness, green trees, the sun bright dazzling clear streams, with mysterious Guizhou before emerge in the mind on the beat. The scenery is utter not a single word. The standard of a good place is相关的主题文章: