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Wen Xichao sculpture: an idealist confession of life as 2 when you face the ideal and the reality of the great conflict, when your dreams suffered ridicule and misunderstanding, you will choose to retreat or advance? In Quixote’s dictionary, there is no fear, no retreat. How many times, he alone, gun prancing horse, thinking of powerful enemies in the imagination of the decidedly charge? He fell in love with a peasant girl before him, as a giant windmill, his battle with the imagination of the magician…… His knight idea and fantasy knight, is absurd in the eyes of the wise man mad; he was still don’t cheat, march forward, put yourself in a complete mess moved to only make people laugh. Such an idealist, become crazy and have a unique style in the whole society. Although he can make so many absurd and embarrassing stories, but he still is still good, brave, honest still. As long as he thinks it is right, even if the enemies are strong and mysterious, he would not hesitate to the difficulties, he will to freedom, equality, justice, he will protect the knight spirit in his heart, his dream, never compromise. Can the end of a hero, he was born in the wrong one does not belong to his age. He carries the dream of a hero, he is full of wit once a knight, he married a fierce punishment of wickedness, unequaled in beauty, justice…… The hero’s dream was never understood, he went on his own way, leaving behind a grotesque, tall but sad figure. Wen Xichao, "Don Gio Gerd", 127cm68cm27cm, bronze colored, 2016 this sad figure in the eyes of the resident in the eyes of the moment, engraved in his heart. "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ". Has a special liking for the tragic love he created, Don Quixote is not brave, exudes an air of freedom, not strong nor great, although it is immediately armed, but quiet down. If you think that he is succumbing to the reality is wrong, he is still the heart carries the dream of Quixote, he is silent bow, because he would not heard others ridicule, although go their own way, like Confessions of an idealist alone. Wen Xichao said he is also an idealist. He carries the ideal, will be sincere into his works, he never give up the true heart, always entangled in reality and truth, and the final choice in the distance of the true foundation, Chicheng opened his arms, with a XiaGu straight into the sky, but in this action pass the viewer or thought a really sad. He wished the sadness becomes quiet sadness to vanity, to become wild peace, hope to become a beautiful tragic death. With a tragedy like this, he carved from relief, from the western approach to the East, the achievements of his own to tell: "two beautiful tragic peach killing three people", this piece of work is his creation of "Quixote" source of inspiration, reproduce Quixote even though the fate of injustice, no future light still, stick to the ideal of "hero" image. Wen Xichao said he wanted to find a sense of identity in the human body, want to use as little as possible to express a person’s identity, so he removed the excess 6相关的主题文章: