Waste soil 3 to raise the target to achieve the goal of three days to reach a new target announced shiyang

"Wasteland 3" congregation raised the target for three days to reach new target developer InXile Entertainment’s award announced a series of sequels "wasteland 3 (Wasteland 3)" open all the chips in the Fig in October 5th, the target is $2 million 750 thousand. I did not expect the enthusiasm of fans so high, only a short period of three days to reach the target amount. "Wasteland 3" to raise the public address: "wasteland 3" congregation "wasteland 3" crowdfunding page InXile boss Brian Fargo to share his joy: "you are really crazy, gratitude shows between the lines. Without you, we simply can not maintain their independence, can not be completely faithful to the vision of the great RPG game. In addition, we can not help but mention those investors, their contribution is also very valuable. Your trust and support means the world." "3" wasteland opened in October 5th to raise the public, the first goal to raise public funds more than half, before the deadline, a total of 13522 supporters donated $2755905. Among them, the average supporter contributed about $628 thousand, while investors inject $2 million 120 thousand. "Wasteland 3" game screen "wasteland 3" picture of the game although the public to raise $2 million 750 thousand goal has been reached, but the game player in the next 26 days still can continue to support on Fig, inXile also increased the new target bonus, the first three goals have been extended to $3 million 100 thousand, below the target bonus content. 2 million 850 thousand: $37 – we will further unlock the guerrillas’ custom system, including multiple body types, more heads and hairstyles. In addition, we will show more items (such as shovels, telescopes, etc.) on the character modeling. $3 million: Car partner (codename: Morningstar): we added a talking car partner! The morning star is a service to the president of Reagan AI, but it will also help you in the journey and the battle, he is to give you some advice on how to let you eliminate all the enemies. $3 million 100 thousand: Custom guerrillas Badge – at the beginning of the game, you can customize a guerrilla team logo, it will be displayed on the guerrilla base or banner. "Wasteland 3" game screen "wasteland 3" game screen in addition, inXile also increased the PayPal payment, as long as you pay 33 dollars, we can advance the first demo and the official version of "3 wastes". (source: swim fast edit: not pleased) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: