Wade came to the warriors to play the villain is not recommended havd707

Wade came to the Warriors: don’t try to play the villain before two had taking each sprayed sina sports news Beijing time on November 8th, according to the "Basketball" insider reports, Kevin – Durant summer to join the warriors decided to let him suffer doubt and criticism. As a veteran, the Bulls star Dwayne – Wade in an interview to Durant and the warriors to provide some suggestions. There is no doubt that Durant’s decision surprised many people, and Wade is no exception. "I think everyone is surprised." "I don’t think anyone expected the decision," Wade said, referring to Mr. Durant’s decision. I mean, although there have been rumors before, I think it’s a bit of a surprise for everyone." A lot of people to join the warriors and Durant James six years ago to join the Miami Heat in comparison, but Wade pointed out that in before joining Durant, the Braves have two consecutive finals, and won a championship. However, Wade understands Durant’s decision. "In the final analysis, from the player’s point of view, I am glad that we have the right to make our own decisions." Wade said, "I know that others will have other opinions, but in the end, he made a decision of his own, you can not be angry about it." With the addition of Durant, the warriors group built a super team, the external value of high expectations, but from the start of the season, the warriors of the performance is very unstable, Opener loss to the Spurs last weekend 29 points, the Lakers defeated the team 20 points. As a man, Wade is very aware of this process. "It takes time." Wade recalled was the heat of the big three encountered difficulties at the beginning of cooperation, "we have great players, but there are also many players have formed a set of fixed play, so it takes time to run." "Everyone wants to beat us, so every one of us wants to play with us." He added, "it took us a little time to play basketball." In order for the team to succeed, Wade believes it is necessary for the individual to make sacrifices. "I think they should understand that." "I think the most important thing is to enjoy the game," he said. (heat big three) in the first year of cooperation, one thing we do is the outside world have regarded us as the villain, and we will try to play the villain. This is not our intention to play basketball. We start playing basketball because we enjoy and love basketball." Many fans should remember the summer of 2013, Wade had problems with Durant as a player ranking of slobber War (at the time, Durant think James harden should replace Wade in the League before ten). The passage of time, the two sides had relieved. So Wade was happy to offer some advice to Durant. "It’s going to be more challenging." Wade said of Durant’s decision to join the warriors, "it’s going to be a lot more fun in the league, but as a player, I respect his decision and I want him to do what he wants to do."相关的主题文章: