U.S. luxury cruise ship carrying 900 passengers across the Arctic was awarded the extinction of the 7470d

The luxury cruise carrying 900 passengers across the Arctic was awarded the "extinction" Tour – Beijing, Beijing, September 11, according to foreign media reports, the largest cruise ship has been driving the Northwest Passage crystal serenity ", was carrying about 900 passengers across the Arctic, before the local ecological system of scenery, disappeared is, scholars criticized as" extinction trip". Reported that in mid August the luxury cruise from Alaska, traveling along the Bering Strait to the north, along the way to allow visitors to watch the wild musk ox group. It is reported that the cruise ship arrived in the Arctic sea and then eastward to Greenland, is expected to dock in New York this month 16 days. However, Belz, Professor of political science at The University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, said the move would exacerbate environmental problems, because the cruise produced a considerable carbon footprint. According to previous reports, as early as 100 years ago, the discovery of the northwest channel, but due to the freezing of sea water, navigation is very difficult, until the recent reduction in sea ice, the ship was able to pass. Antarctica in 2007 there was a sinking ship, the oil spill in the vicinity of the serious pollution of the penguin colony, resulting in ecological crisis. Many people worry that with the increase in Arctic tourist vessels, similar tragedies may occur again. In addition, the Arctic area increased human activities, may also cause local environmental degradation, such as cruise burning large amounts of fossil fuels will contribute to climate warming, cruise ships discarded rubbish will pollute the land. The environmental group reported in 2014 that cruise in the world ocean discharge 1 billion gallons of water per year, more crystal cruises was named as one of the "failed" operator. In addition to the Northwest Passage over thousands of biological habitat is threatened, Eskimo food may therefore reduce.相关的主题文章: