Three prisoners escaped from prison in Hubei during hospitalization and care inside and outside ward mmhouse

Three inmates escaped from prison in Hubei during the hospital stay: right hand picture of Jun Jun during his imprisonment. The day before yesterday morning, Hanyang hospital 4 building, a hospitalized 45 year old prisoners, Lei Jun, escaped from the hospital. Informed sources said Lei Jun hospitalized due to kidney stones, will soon be discharged. The neighboring patients said they didn’t detect any abnormal sound in the morning. At present, the police are still chasing. It happened around 2:00 a.m. the day before yesterday. According to a hospital informed staff, the morning news has spread throughout the hospital WeChat group. Because the incident occurred in the morning, there are not many people on duty, the specific escape process, not many people know. Yesterday morning, the reporter learned in the hospital, Lei Jun from the hospital outpatient surgery building 4 Building 408 ward escape. Before his escape, his bed number was 21. A hospital staff confirmed that the patient has been hospitalized for three or four days, because of kidney stones admitted to hospital surgery, will soon be discharged. At ordinary times, there are two or three guards inside and outside the ward care. A hospitalized patient told reporters that she originally lived in the 408 ward, about three or four days ago, the hospital informed her that the ward will be admitted to the prisoners, arranged for her to other wards. She had seen the prisoner, and she didn’t look particularly fierce. Hearing the prisoner escape, many patients living in the nearby ward were surprised: "at two o’clock in the morning, we did not hear anything unusual."!" Yesterday morning, the reporter saw in the 408 ward, the ward beds have no patient, the room is empty, the window of the door and window added and did not leave traces of destruction. After the incident, the police watched the surveillance video in the hospital, the outpatient department of urology ward building, the first floor of the lobby and hospital hospital, not yet found Lei Jun figure. It is understood that the escaped prisoner named Lei Jun, 45 years old, Chibi people, in 2007, because of theft was online pursuit, then again in 2009 suspected of contract fraud was pursued, police control at the beginning of 2010. In the same year, because of contract fraud was sentenced to 11 years in prison, was commuted in July 1st this year, Yu Xingsan is now seven months. Lei Jun height 181 centimeters, weight about 75 kilograms. Medium size, escape from the upper part of the body with the prison allocated soil gray round collar inmates, wearing four angle vertical stripes underwear. After Lei Jun fled, Chibi police came to Lei Jun’s hometown of Guihua osmanthus tree community in Chibi on the 24 day, looking for Lei Jun’s parents. Lei Jun parents said, Lei Jun has divorced, 7 years did not go home. Lei Jun by the hospital to cure the disease to escape, Lei father said, if Lei Jun home, he will call the police. Hubei provincial prison administration related personnel told the newspaper yesterday, the police are currently trying to catch the criminal. The provincial prison administration hopes that the public will actively provide clues to the public security organs and prison departments to assist the capture of fugitives, and to provide valuable clues or directly capture the fugitives, they will be rewarded according to the state regulations. It is understood that the Wuhan city police overnight transfer to see surveillance video, Lei Jun has locked the escape route. After Lei Jun escaped, he took a taxi and fled to Wuchang. He arrived at Wuchang Railway Station and disappeared near the navigation hotel.

湖北服刑犯住院期间脱逃 三名狱警在病房内外看护 右图:雷军服刑期间的资料照片。   前天凌晨,汉阳医院4楼,一名正在住院治疗的45岁服刑犯人雷军,从医院逃脱。知情者称,雷军因肾结石住院手术,即将出院。相邻病人称,凌晨没有察觉任何异常声响。目前,警方还在追捕。   事发前天凌晨两点左右。据医院一名知情工作人员介绍,上午这一消息已经传遍医院内部微信群。因为事发在凌晨,值班人员不多,具体逃脱过程,知晓者并不多。昨天上午,记者在医院了解到,雷军是从医院门诊外科楼4楼408病房逃走的。逃走前,他的床号是21号。   一名医院工作人员证实,这名病人入院已有三四天,因肾结石入院手术治疗,即将痊愈出院。平时,有两三名狱警在病房内外看护。   一名住院病人告诉记者,她原先就住在408病房,大概三四天前,医院通知她,该病房要住进犯人,安排她到其他病房住。她看到过这名犯人,看上去并没有特别凶狠的样子。听说该犯人逃脱,住在附近相邻病房的多名病人都表示惊讶:“凌晨两点,我们一点异常声响都没有听到啊!”   昨天上午,记者在408病房看到,该病房所有病床都已经没有病人,房内空荡荡的,窗口的附加的铁窗以及房门并没有留下被破坏的痕迹。事发后警方调看了医院内的监控视频,泌尿科病房所在的门诊外科楼一楼大厅及医院院内,暂未发现雷军身影。   据了解,脱逃的犯人名叫雷军,45岁,赤壁人,2007年,曾因盗窃案被网上追逃,此后2009年再次涉嫌合同诈骗被追逃,2010年初被警方控制。同年,因合同诈骗罪被判处有期徒刑11年,曾于今年7月1日获减刑,目前余刑三年七个月。雷军身高181厘米,体重75公斤左右。中等体型,逃跑时上身穿监狱配发的土灰色圆领囚服,下身穿四角竖条纹内裤。   雷军逃跑后,赤壁警方于24日来到雷军老家赤壁市蒲纺桂花树社区,找过雷军的父母。雷军父母称,雷军已离婚,7年没有回家过。得知雷军借医院治病之机逃脱,雷父表示,如果雷军回家他会报警的。   湖北省监狱管理局相关人员昨天向本报表示,目前警方正全力抓捕该罪犯。省监狱管理局希望市民群众积极向公安机关、监狱部门提供线索,协助抓捕逃犯,对提供有价值线索或直接抓获该逃犯者,将按照国家规定予以奖励。   另据了解,武汉警方连夜调看城市监控录相,已锁定雷军逃跑线路。雷军脱逃后,乘一辆出租车向武昌方向逃走,到达武昌火车站对面航海饭店附近消失。相关的主题文章: