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Those who have used on neonatal bad habits, you still use now? Sohu maternal photo from the network after the baby is born, the soft, fleshy, exudes a variety of adorable little guy, immediately became the object of one family is very worried about, it is one hundred years, from the hearts of many a can not put miss. As a new mother, even more so. This and his body after ten months, with infinite longing and hope the birth of the baby, a mother’s heart instantly become "the softest care", also let the mother put on the hard armor". However, the baby can only cry, cry, cry, cry, cry hungry pull, urine, cry cry suddenly wake up boring; let the mother helpless, baby this is what? At this time there will always be some old people, take "parenting experts" appearance, began to teach a new mother should do, or simply personally took office, saying that "you are be handed down from age to age, it brought the old saying," do not treat the newborn baby and some reliable and irresponsible things. Pictures from the network [baby] some of the customs that squeeze the nipple, especially baby baby just born, adults need from time to time to squeeze her nipples, it can avoid the child nipple depression. But to squeeze the nipple to the newborn will easily cause inflammation of the baby’s nipple, bacterial infections, such as severe consequences. This is my second time treasure, when he was born just two days, the baby grandma came to the hospital to see him, I am a little inattentive, small treasure left nipple already red, I look carefully, the original old lady is telling him to squeeze the nipple. I have not had time to stop, the child’s father told her grandmother directly, not to squeeze the nipple baby, easy to inflammation. Fortunately, the child’s grandmother did not insist. Children can not see the light of the older generation, many people think that children can not see the light, otherwise it will damage the child’s eyes. Therefore, many of the families of the newborn, the room was always secretly, the curtain is pulled on the long-term. But the medicine has confirmed that the baby eyes 8 hours, keep it dark or dark environment, children’s vision will be greatly affected, seriously affected the development of retinal nerve. Children normally accept the light, so more conducive to the growth of children. Baby to accept natural light for them is also a self growth adaptation. As long as it is not against the glare or direct to the sun, the intensity of natural light will not cause any harm and harm to the baby. Small children like to stare at the place where there is light, so the home of the fluorescent lamp can be appropriate to do some shelter or soft light into some of the good. In addition, the baby bath in winter when the bully will cause irreversible damage to the baby’s eyes, mom and dad need extra attention, it is best not to use it. [can’t touch baby fontanel on dandriff] custom in some places that touch will make the baby fontanel dumb, former head fontanelle area so do not want to clean your baby, make some soon after the birth of the baby head will have a piece of yellow crusts. These dandriff is fat on the scalp when the baby was born, and after the secretion of scalp!相关的主题文章: