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This winter down jacket you bought it yesterday lead: the beginning of winter, baby. It is absolutely did not expect ah, autumn so unknowingly passed ~ ~ into the winter, down jacket has become a warm and stylish theme. (content from: fashion COSMO) down jacket, of course, there are always some people say that the jacket is a fashion insulator. But this year the winter 2016 show again down jacket in the fashion circle position, gave us the opportunity to wear down jacket can come swaggeringly. PARIS2016 Carven2016, Stella McCartney2016, winter winter winter winter, autumn and winter, Carven2016 PARIS2016 / Stella McCartney2016 and at the moment, what could be better than a push down this winter ritual more people warm? These stars are wearing down Rihanna / Rihanna wearing a velvet jacket back printing with exaggerated hip-hop handbags, high heels fashion collocation. Gigi exposed a summer waistline Gigi cold, early in the morning wearing Tommy Hilfiger silver jacket. Yun Eunhea Yun Eunhea – the wear down jacket collocation Sneaker beauty too classic. Daren street shoot demonstration 1 short down jacket features: the lightest but the style must be short enough, half a long short is not very embarrassing. In general the length in the best hip, leg line can be put on a perfectly exposed phenotype. Street shoot model 2 Oversize down jacket features: the most cover Oversize section refers to those who are too fat and fat design, put on a really very close to the meat Oh ~ especially more suitable for slim legs girls. No matter how upper body Oversize, keep the legs thin on the line! Gianna Jun street demonstration of the whole sister was pregnant when wearing a Oversize down jacket, the United States can not be Fang fang. Gianna Jun 3 long down jacket features: the most warm long down jacket is simply warm from the beginning to the foot, if the down jacket also comes with a hat, then it is more warm. Street shot if you just caught up with the long paragraph Oversize words, then put on Meng cute. But slightly has the height pressure point, small girl still don’t try. How to wear down the street to demonstrate how to wear clothes will not appear bloated? Many people think that wearing a down jacket and bloated and old-fashioned, wearing no type! In fact, it is not the fault of the down jacket, probably not wearing their own good. The following measures can effectively avoid down 1 in a bloated sense, so don’t take the general choice of relatively prime sweaters, T-shirt, sweater, pants backing and so can. Avoid multiple layers of overlap, or a down jacket will be even more bloated. 2 street demonstration and selection of design as simple as possible pants should not too loose, or will appear bloated dirty. Street beat demo simple jeans and legging to相关的主题文章: