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This is a season of November love beautiful Phoenix car guide listed summary: November, cold? Not。 In this November, heavy car group listed, including SUV, MPV and other main executive saloon car market, near the end of 2016 will be in full swing this again. They enjoy the dizzying it, this is a season of love. A new X5 new Jing Yi Jing Yi X5 appearance with a new design, the overall style more rounded grille with three picture style, with chrome trim, and headlight is connected with the transverse tensile, visual front. In addition, the body was added to the black under siege, with the car side tough lines, SUV temperament is more obvious. The car tail style compared to the front to be more simple, with a wide chrome strip on both sides of the tail is played as extension of the tail of the transverse visual effect. Jing Yi X5 interior changes compared to the cash is still very large, basically with a new design, especially through the air out of most of the Chinese console outlet, looks a sense of some senior. Configuration, ESP, a key to start, automatic air conditioning, heated front seats, electronic parking brake, automatic parking are Goods are available in all varieties. The images of X5 in space travel is awesome. Height of 180 cm in the front seat of the test, the head space has a punch distance. The same experience came back, the front seat distance remains unchanged, the head and leg space has reached the margin of two punches, the performance is commendable, completely beyond the same level of competition. Power, the new king Plaza X5 will use the 1.6L and 2.0L two engines, which 1.6L engine maximum power of 122 horsepower, peak torque of 151 cattle · rice; 2.0L engine maximum power of 145 horsepower, peak torque of 200 cattle · meters. The transmission part is matched with the 1.6L engine, which is a 5 speed manual gearbox, and the matching speed of the 2.0L engine is a manual transmission with a speed of 6. Summary: the appearance of the new car, the interior uses the new design, compared to the current model to feel more young fashion. The overall style of the interior is dark, to a certain extent, highlights the sports atmosphere. At the same time, the car is also equipped with a suspension of the LCD screen and multi-function steering wheel, etc.. However, the biggest bright spot is designed to run through the air conditioning to the deputy outlet. The static experience point of view, the new king Yi X5 performance is very good, but also we are very concerned about the issue after the listing price, the hope can bring surprises for us. Two, the new Buick GL8 GL8 is Buick’s signature models, its position in the MPV market is difficult to shake, it ushered in a new design, in order to obtain a broader market space, such as family consumers. In fact, many consumers in the purchase of a MPV for themselves, rarely consider GL8, because it appears as "business", the lack of home temperament, and Buick in order to change this situation, the design of a pair of young, sporty appearance for the new GL8, may be able to accept to a certain extent it let the family..相关的主题文章: