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These games are often played, effectively improve the child’s attention – many mothers and children of Sohu parents are worried about the lack of focus on children, homework, listening to the old run god. Although the children’s attention Co. is an objective fact, but we can not let the children let things drift! Don’t worry, these games often play, can effectively improve the child’s attention! 1 racket Bao Bao children single handedly flat table tennis racket, the ball off the ball, the child lost. The ball does not fall, adhere to the longer the better results. 2 listen to distinguish the location of the child sitting in the middle of the room, close your eyes. Parents in the room to knock a random item, so that children identify the location of percussion objects, identify what is knocking. We can also let the children listen to a few pieces of musical instrument solo, let the children remember the sound of musical instruments. Then give the child a section of the ensemble, so that the child to identify, which instruments have appeared in the ensemble. 3 guess candy take three candy, of which the same as the two, the third and these are not the same as the two. Three pieces of candy and put it on the table, let the children look at the order of the next three sugars, and remember. With an opaque cup with three colors, respectively. Three candies, buckle, the cup does not leave the table, parents move cup position. Then, let the children guess what the different candy is in the cup. Continuous right several times, you can put different candy to children, as a reward. With the increasing number of children’s attention, parents can speed up the moving speed and the right cup. Insist on playing for a while, the child’s focus will be improved. 4 for the same & find a screenshot: find the same different pattern less Lianliankan game picture, print out, let the children find out the same pattern. The faster, the better, the better. Find different: a small cartoon repeatedly arranged in a big picture, with a few different little cartoon pictures also in the picture, the children have to find a different picture in the fastest time, faster, more accurate and better. Taking into account the child’s own conditions, the game can gradually transition from easy to difficult. Taking into account the child’s eyes is fragile, so it is recommended that parents screen printing pictures, rather than let the children play directly in electronic equipment. 5 beat pat this is very simple, the parents clapped a rhythm, the child to shoot after the parents, imitate the parents beat the rhythm. The more accurate the imitation. 6 painted for a master line is not too simple picture, overlying a translucent paper, let the children use the brush in the translucent paper on the extension of a contour line below the pattern, strokes more coherence, the better the more accurate extension. 7 operational activities such as beans, Domino, and so on, can improve the child’s attention. Let the children use chopsticks to clip the beans from one bowl to another, or let the children use a simple pattern of Domino. When the child finished the beans, or push down Domino, the child will have a strong sense of accomplishment, will be more willing to play this kind of game. Present相关的主题文章: