The ten point line 100 years ago the scooter was now 10 times the price

The ten point line: 100 years ago the scooter was now 10 times the price? [Abstract] Abstract: every night at ten, the Tencent car take you at a glance today Jun line car circle important information. · US presidential candidate Trump made headlines by attacking the Ford Ford automobile is small car production moved to Mexico, because small cars almost unprofitable, it requires more cheap labor and other costs that the production and sale of Fawkes (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and C-Max such models is correct. Ford can not imagine the dissolution of Chrysler, which is understandable, but because of the presidential candidate Trump attacked his move and the headlines. A gentleman today also saw the news that Mr. Trump 10 years ago recording leakage indecent experience, it is the career bumpy ah…… · Buick launched a sub brand Avenir bet high-end models due to the growing demand for high-end brands and models of consumers, Buick launched this sub brand Avenir, to bet on high-end models. And its very confident, saying, Avenir will become Buick’s brand image endorsement, and now will be the best way to express our luxurious experience." Buick official said, after the statistical analysis of consumer information found after the change, Avenir sub brand is to adapt to this trend and the. ·: the most aggrieved: because the removal of the European car prices raised the price of the British car that universal entertainment, the vote to the United Kingdom from the EU, the prime minister stepped down, the pound fell sharply…… This is not, now car companies have pledged to increase car prices, September in the UK, Ford raised its products in the UK in August 1.5%, the price, price mark up 2%, the future of Honda, SUZUKI and other brands are also expected to join the ranks of the price hike. Throughout history, such as the British National grievance is not much, the key is their national circumstances totally do not know how to vote out ah, reasoning to whom!!! It seems necessary to raise the level of knowledge of the people, and it is imminent…… · 100 years ago was 10 times the price auction scooter? Electric scooter has now become a popular means of transport, but as early as 100 years ago in Europe and the United States appeared in the prototype of electric scooter. This scooter was produced in 1915 from -1921, $100. And sales agents have done a lot of advertising for it, but at that time people do not accept this set. Auction will be on October 16th for one of the Autoped auction, valuation between $1000-1500. A gentleman said not really understand them foreigners, so a car to spend nearly ten thousand blocks, rather than charging Phoenix to become stronger. Well, today’s news is almost over. Tell me dear friends, what is your suggestion? At any time in the comments area below the message Oh, your opinion is likely to occur in the area within the next day interactive Oh ~ tomorrow night at ten, a gentleman and you Be There Or Be Square! Conclusion: more exciting content can be opened WeChat, click on the upper right corner button, Search Club concern WeChat.相关的主题文章: