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Network transmission 28 Chongqing strong cooling raid? Weather experts said the evening of 28 or 29, since the second half of the strongest cold air will affect most areas in china. The next two days, accompanied by strong winds, heavy air temperature 6 to 12 DEG C, kiss, take care of." In September 27th, the reminder message spread quickly through the circle of friends. Whether true? The weather experts said it was impossible. The next three days, the rain will gradually withdraw from the country, the temperature rising day by day. During the national day weather, meteorological observatory will be officially released on the 29 day, please public attention. As of 27 May 16, Chongqing local temperature fluctuated between 18 to 31 degrees Celsius, the highest in Xiushan, 30.3 C, 17.1 C the lowest in Chengkou. The highest temperature in the main city appeared at 15 points, reaching 27.3 degrees centigrade, and the weather was 23.4 degrees higher than that of the previous day by 3.9 degrees centigrade. For users to forward the strongest Cool News, weather experts rumor, from the latest meteorological data, the next three days, rain will gradually weaken the city stopped, will slowly turn cloudy, no rain interruptions, temperatures will rise gradually, such as 28, the highest is 26 DEG C, on 29 to 29 DEG C, 30 to 32 degrees. And the main city will not be very hot during the period, the highest is not exceed 29 degrees. Chongqing Meteorological Bureau said, if in the late will appear significant cooling weather news, the city meteorological observatory will through 96121, 12121, @ China weather, Chongqing weather official WeChat, each big electronic display screen and some other terminal ahead of schedule release. The next three days, I still wet weather, the weather experts remind, affected by continuous rainfall, geological disasters of higher level in eastern area of our city, the relevant area on steep slopes, Cliff Road, river valley should pay attention to strengthening the monitoring of landslides and other disasters. In addition, the weather is humid, some of the moldy goods need to pay attention to properly preserved, moistureproof mildew. The specific forecast is as follows: 28 day: most of the central and western regions overcast with intermittent light rain, cloudy in the rest of the region. Air temperature: 16~26. There are sporadic drizzle in the main city, 22~26 degrees centigrade. During the 29 day: cloudy or cloudy in most areas, and scattered rain in the western part of the country. The temperature region: 18 ~ 29 degrees, Chengkou and southeastern regions: 15 to 29 DEG C. The main city is overcast, 21-25 degrees centigrade. During the 30 day: cloudy or cloudy in most areas, scattered scattered in some western regions. Large areas of temperature 18 to 32 DEG C, and Chengkou southeast of 15 to 29 DEG C. The main city overcast, 21~28 degrees. (upstream News – Chongqing morning news video) for further reading, not related with the large-scale cooling raid on Jilin will welcome the local people behind the winter snow

网传28日重庆强降温突袭? 气象专家是这样回答的“28日晚戓29日起,下半年以来最强的一股冷空气将影响我国大部地区。未来两天,并伴有大风,气温普降6℃至12℃,亲们,注意保重。”9月27日,这则提醒消息通过朋友圈快速传播。是否确有其事?对此气象专家辟谣,称完全不可能。预计未来三天,雨水将逐渐撤离出境,气温逐日回升。国庆期间天气,气象台将在29日正式对外发布,请市民关注。 截至27日16点,重庆各地气温波动在18~31℃之间,最高在秀山,为30.3℃,最低在城口,为17.1℃。主城全天最高温出现在15点,达到了27.3℃,这样的天气比前天23.4℃,回升了3.9℃。对于网友转发的最强降温消息,市气象专家辟谣,从最新气象数据来看,未来三天,雨水会逐步减弱停息,主城也将慢慢转为阴天,没有降雨的打扰,气温会渐渐走高,如28日最高还在26℃,29日就升至29℃,30日可达32℃。而主城期间不会很热,最高不超29℃。重庆市气象局表示,如果在后期会出现大幅降温的天气消息,市气象台会通过96121、12121、@中国天气、重庆天气官方微信、各大电子显示屏等一些终端提前对外发布。未来三天,我市天气还有点潮湿,对此气象专家提醒,受持续降雨的影响,我市东部地区发生地质灾害的等级较高,相关地区对陡坡、临崖路段、山谷河道需注意加强监测,谨防滑坡等灾害。另外,天气潮湿,部分易霉变物品需注意妥善保存,谨防潮湿霉变。 具体预报如下:28日白天:中西部大部地区阴天有间断小雨,其余地区阴天。气温:16~26℃。主城阴有零星小雨,22~26℃。29日白天:大部地区阴天或阴天间多云,西部部分地区有零星小雨。大部地区气温:18~29℃,城口及东南部地区:15~29℃。主城阴,21-25℃。30日白天:大部地区阴或阴间多云,西部部分地区有零星小雨。大部地区气温18~32℃,城口及东南部15~29℃。主城阴天,21~28℃。(上游新闻-重庆晨报)视频仅供延伸阅读,与本文无关 大规模降温突袭吉林 民众冬装加身局地将迎初雪相关的主题文章: