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The more powerful the baby more clever morning sickness is actually reading the Sohu really: Nathan maternal – kuangtu 8 weeks of pregnancy, two weeks lost 6 kilograms, spit to silently regret the baby, "she said to comfort others when the baby is very clever child", she always wanted to say "spit is not you, you said that’s easy" but later found that this argument is actually based on science. The present value of morning sickness during the mummy refueling ~ according to medical research report Canada released the latest, experienced nausea and morning sickness during pregnancy with the mother, may be a more clever child. According to the risk of pregnant women of Toronto children’s hospital research project investigators found that morning sickness seems to be linked to enhanced fetal neural development. According to statistics, about 80% pregnant women from fourth weeks of pregnancy nausea and morning sickness, many doctors speculate that morning sickness is due to hormonal changes, such as: estrogen, hCG and thyroxine. Previous studies focused on pregnancy nausea effects on pregnancy, and the latest report on the long-term impact of women on the baby’s morning sickness. The study followed 121 pregnant women from 2003 to 1998. They were divided into 3 groups, including the morning sickness and drug diclectin, morning sickness but not taking diclectin, and no morning sickness. When the children were 3 and 7 years old, the researchers tested the child’s development, including intelligence and behavior. The researchers took into account other factors, such as the mother’s IQ, daily smoking, alcohol consumption, and socioeconomic status. The study found that: 3 groups of children’s neurodevelopment were in the normal range, and the mother have morning sickness children in IQ, verbal fluency, language and numerical memory are relatively high scores for. It is worth noting that the test scores of children born to mothers of more severe morning sickness is higher, at the same time also affect maternal IQ test results. The study’s findings, Dr run run, argue that while the results of the study are "somewhat unusual," there are reasons for it. According to his explanation, because of hormonal fluctuations cause nausea and morning sickness is actually a good thing, "the placenta secrete hormones that make you feel sick, but on the other hand, may be more conducive to the development of the baby". A children’s Book Museum Scarecrow = = = = = = = = a children’s book published "Museum of world children’s literature masterpiece", "Ozzy’s picture gallery" adventures in Wonderland as hundreds of books (both in shop to buy). More parenting and children to read the information, please note * ^ ` ` micro letter ` ` the public number: Scarecrow children’s Book Museum, Guan ` note after the reply: 108, 108 of the children receive free.相关的主题文章: