The good old man mourn Qiao Renliang I hate myself to accompany you around xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

The good old man mourning Qiao Renliang: I hate myself to accompany you around Sina entertainment Qiao Renliang [micro-blog] died in seven days, today in Shanghai held a formal Memorial ceremony. Many of the good old man together at the memorial service, bid farewell to Qiao Renliang. Can not rush to the scene of the good old man Yan An micro-blog released a long farewell friend. Qiao Renliang through 07 years of "hero" debuted in the same year players, seventh of the country’s Yan An and the same love for rock and good relationship. Today Yan An: micro-blog long mourning friends, he wrote in his article always do not believe that Qiao Renliang has died, also said he was just a year ago and Qiao Renliang resumed contact, contact does not close attention to Qiao Renliang, because of fear of being said to hold the thigh. He also recalls that game and we play PSP, killing the game scene, it is said that his death in that Qiao Renliang has been very painful, "hate is their incompetence is useless, if I can in your side, you won’t be in trouble." Finally, he also said they would send the guitar to Qiao Renliang sent in the past, he hopes to practice in heaven, give yourself the pathfinder. Also promised to often see Joe dad Joe mom, your parents are my parents." The good man will try to call this group of brothers together, wish to complete Qiao Renliang. Micro-blog: I’ve always wanted to say something, I don’t know where to start. In fact, I can’t believe you’re gone. You are always a personal independence of conduct disobedient people, playing some out of the ordinary. But it is not so big, right? These days I give you the WeChat made a lot of information, I’m filming Ganchang these days each one to pick up the free mobile phone you see is not back to me, you do not bother to send text or a facial expression. But you did not… I haven’t been in touch with you all these years. I found your WeChat almost a year ago. I don’t tell you much. Because I always fear, the brothers are now developing very well, I do not have. So the heart has a Hom, feel not enough effort, now do not deserve to walk together with you. Micro-blog did not concern, because many people see I am concerned about you, about one, bun, white, said to me: "you hold the thigh of others! You see the development of the people you want to red." And so on. I don’t want to accept the violence of Internet rumors, and I think it’s more likely that you’ll have to deal with it at that level. You guys are working hard, my brothers… Think about the past years, I really want to sit together, we also play PSP, but also play the killing game, but also eat together. I want to play with you. But he always wanted to Yan An: who are you? You can have the qualifications to talk with them? I give myself the answer is No. So all these years, I have been working very hard, I have worked hard, but I still can’t catch up with you. These days I hate the most is their inability to useless, if I can still be around you, you will not have an accident. My father is a doctor, do you remember? Or, if you can’t figure out what to do, if I’m with you for a drink, it’s over. What…相关的主题文章: