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Four what is a mysterious presence – there are few Sohu technology WeChat group, when you join a moment to feel. Four times is such a WeChat group. It has a strict set of rules, only WeChat default initial 40 places. No expansion. Only when the old man out for a variety of reasons, in order to make a seat through group discussion, invite new people to join. For a long time not to speak, will be invited out". Cannot send the piece, can not send advertising, not gossip. If you foul, you need a red envelope. There are a lot of old friends in the group, but also in other groups often encounter WeChat, but the four can become a new field of speech, you can seriously discuss some real problems. Therefore, when I was invited to join, there is a feeling at the moment. The beginning of four, because of a man named Pan Lequn. Look at his name, happy group. Because Mr. Pan, so he set up a three group. Four group is born out of San francisco. Each group is not on the head of the current social media traffic, but it is the legendary opinion leaders, media, new media, investment, entrepreneurship, the Internet has. Because everyone has a true opinion, so to discuss the issue of an insight into their respective contributions. The reason for equality comes from this. There is no center, no who as the core. In particular, we have a surprisingly consistent set of values for many things. For example, how to see the music, to see how the red net, how to see the so-called big coffee that love blowing skin. As David · Weinberg said in the "knowledge frontier" in one book: "when knowledge becomes the network, the smartest person in the room is no longer the person standing in the front of our preaching, also not all those in the room overall wisdom. The smartest person in the room is the room itself: a network that connects people in the room with ideas and connects them to the outside of the room." Four times is such a knowledge of the room. This reminds me of a very long time, around 1998 I played for some BBS, the relationship between man and the kind of pure, selfless, warm. In four, I have a little back to the original feeling. To some extent, you can say that this is a kind of "elite" circle. The feeling of a network of early settlers. Last year, four times there had been a closed line party. The main share of the people have Shen tone, Xu Husheng, Hu Xiaodong, and Fan Weifeng. The host is Wei wu. Audience is the other four friends. Because the audience is one aspect of the Montana, the people on the stage only as far as possible to share the genuine goods at a fair price dry cargo under the stage, because not be fooled, but there is no need to do PR. It’s more like a thesis defense. I enjoy in the crowd heard, there are a lot of Taoxintaofei. This year, we called him "Your Majesty" Pan Lequn again group Bureau, November 25th in the afternoon four annual meeting, the foreign made small ticket open. This will share in the table, but also some four people: Wei Wuhui group: (keywords), Shanghai Jiaotong University, itTalks.相关的主题文章: