The first basketball shoes and Yi Jianlian agreed to a penalty suspended for one game – the Sohu new whereisip

The first basketball shoes and Yi Jianlian agreed to a penalty suspended for one game – the Sohu news last night, Yi Jianlian was wearing sneakers ready unofficialsponsor. Figure osports Guangdong CBA last night, in the game against Shenzhen, Yi Jianlian was off the official sponsor of shoes, wearing shoes and non official sponsor events in the competition, become the focus of attention. Yesterday, Chinese Association issued a circular on Yi Jianlian suspended for one game for the Guangdong team, a fine of 50 thousand yuan. Yi Jianlian and Guangdong also apologized for the incident. The announcement of Yi Jianlian suspended a basketball shoes for Yi Jianlian yesterday Chinese event, given punishment results: Yi Jianlian suspended for one game, the Guangdong team was fined 50 thousand yuan. The association said in the announcement: "Guangdong Bank of Dongguan player Yi Jianlian will present the League designated shoes off and threw it in the stadium after the departure, the behavior and the occupation spirit and sports purposes does not match, but also seriously disparage the League sponsors of the image and interests, negative extremely bad influence to the league. As the majority of fans favorite players, no matter when and where, should be more to show the quality of professional players and positive energy. The League disciplinary committee Research Report Chinese association approved, Yi Jianlian give notice of criticism, suspended for 1 Games (regular season in November 4th first round) punishment, and reduced the Guangdong Hongyuan Club League funds 50 thousand yuan." For this punishment, the Guangdong Hongyuan club said: "accept and apologize for the CBA League to Yi Jianlian and I do make the club punishment of Guangdong Winnerway basketball club accepted. My club players Yi Jianlian related behavior, does not violate the relevant provisions of the league, resulting in adverse effects. Our club will learn from the experience and try to cooperate with the center." The team won the basketball association to Las Huanxie reporter was informed that the Guangdong Hongyuan club in addition to an apology, but also to the basket tube center issued the application, hoping to allow Yi Jianlian before Lining’s custom shoes, wearing Nike shoes for temporary custom game. Guangdong football club, said Yi Jianlian and before the game are willing to cooperate with the relevant provisions of the league, wearing a pair of shoes to play on the stage of the game, said the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and Guangdong. But in the first day after the end of the game, Yi Jianlian for the first time wearing Lining shoes that have obvious reaction at the ankle strain. For his right Achilles tendon disease and Achilles tendon sheath inflammation of these old injuries, after the Arab League has been wearing a special shoe provided by individual sponsors. In the second quarter, due to the strain site reaction obviously, Yi Jianlian felt unable to adhere to, the initiative to end and replace shoes. After communicating with Yi Jianlian, the player said he had tried his best to play in the Lining shoes, but it was difficult to hold out until the end of the game. The Guangdong Hongyuan club and technical representatives and competition supervision to communicate, and reporting to the CBA leader, BasketballAdministration expressed understanding and support, let Yi Jianlian temporarily in the original personal sponsors provide customized shoes to play, to ensure the integrity of the game. The club said that Yi Jianlian because of the old injury, had never been wearing a pair of shoes, so the application, in the hope of getting more than the custom shoes provided by Lining before the more than相关的主题文章: