The examinee admission notice by the provincial admissions void continued School cancel admission ca1835

The examinee admission notice by the provincial admissions void continued: cancel the admission of School Education Department of Heilongjiang Province before the first public bulletin said, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts (hereinafter referred to as the "wild") has been recovered in Heilongjiang province in September 10th the candidates Yang Lefan (a pseudonym) admission notice, and said that in this incident, the Heilongjiang Provincial Academy recruit is to fulfill the supervisory responsibilities, but there errors and omissions, the education department instructed the hospital to recruit students and parents to explain further and sincere apology, start accountability procedures at the same time, weaknesses and loopholes in admission work exposed reflection. Earlier reports: the examinee admission to the University by the provincial admissions invalid without the school in July 24th, candidates Lumei fine arts professional Yang Lefan received a formal admission to the school. But after two days, suddenly received a phone call in Heilongjiang to recruit college, her art exam scores are not qualified, admission qualification was canceled. Then Yang Lefan is returned, after the second batch of undergraduate admissions, was admitted to Heilongjiang University, and received second copies of the admission notice. (see the newspaper in September 1st 5 edition reported) Heilongjiang Department of education in September 11th published on the official website informed that Heilongjiang province candidates Yang Moumou art majors provincial exam score of 178 points, did not meet the requirement of national standard of qualified line (180 points), failed to obtain the fine arts provincial exam certificate. Subsequently, the candidates Yang Moumou enrolled in the school of fine arts, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, the school, made the school of fine arts professional school test certificate, fill the school volunteer and was admitted". Since then, the candidates on the issue of the report, college entrance examination in Heilongjiang province immediately launched the review procedures, review by the candidates found Yang Moumou did not obtain the fine arts provincial exam certificate, does not comply with the provisions of the relevant document of Ministry of education, Heilongjiang province and the relevant requirements of us brochures, report the problem is true, then the telephone to inform the candidates Yang Moumou the admission qualification was canceled, and puts forward some opinions to the supervision of the academy. The examinee Yang Lefan told reporters, because of their fine arts exam scores did not pass line, only in the examination to multi-party suggestions, "no need to apply the provincial exam scores qualified" us. "Other professional I could not report to me, because the registration channel is closed, but us art professional registration channel is open to me, and the entire admissions process didn’t take me off the screen, don’t tell me not qualified for admission. Even if I really did not admit, why wait until after admission to inform me to admit invalid?" According to the reporter’s inquiry, the provisions of the "2016 is Heilongjiang Province ordinary higher learning art enrollment examination management measures", has not obtained the art class provincial exam certificate candidates, the fine arts school not eligible to participate in school organizations test. According to the "undergraduate professional directory" in Colleges and universities, arts majors are art majors, but with the word "fine arts". Yang Lefan in the application process has not received any tips can not apply for art. The Heilongjiang Department of education informed that, in Heilongjiang to recruit college enrollment for the guidance and supervision of the implementation of national college enrollment policy, ensure Zhao Tao相关的主题文章: