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The comedy variety melee renewed   chew steamed and how has become xiangbobo? – the media – original title: laugh it, experience is "mistakes" once, comedy shows like chewing bread, from nearly 40 to show everyone to give up, change only in half a year. Suddenly, the show has become xiangbobo trend, before some local TV announced a new comedy variety, screen comedy variety melee appeared to be re alive. The newcomer’s mentality is not difficult to figure out. From thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers in the 2 years, the total horse ran to the audience at the top of the table, look around, how can not see the opponent? Thus, Guo Degang, Xiao Shenyang, and, and, and, of course, by the name of the man, and so on, and…… A long list of names is comedy occupied by method of permutation and combination of various TV screen, trying to copy the unexpected rise of experience. However, the special function of comedy, this is a very easy to make people tired of literary style. Especially in the Internet era, the massive scripts make people too busy to attend to all, amuse you this thing, experience is sometimes wrong". This kind of mistake, the recent entry of several programs most taboo. In order to continue to lead, only to solve the long-standing pseudo proposition". Really "no routine"? Only sigh through the man is not enough in the world, there is no way to go, and many people will become the road. Under the network environment, that sooner or later become a "collection" of comedy variety. Has long been famous famous names or deep folk amateur or on the Internet over brush similar faces, the total overdraft bursting point of the day, as an associate professor at the Fudan University Jiang Changjian said, "there is still a routine". At the beginning, "happy comedy" the launch of the first quarter, happy twist team works show sketch film pattern, the audience first saw "sketch" is not small, the original stunt, sound also bonus options. "The Legendary Swordsman" second season "into black Theatre", we took in the black, fluorescent contrast create visual effects. As Shi Jianing Zhu Hui, the two directors said, on the road for nearly 3 years of trial and error, surprise, they always refuse to routine, with the principle of. But the Internet communication environment geometric accelerated laughing fruit decay, "a year before the Spring Festival a smile, a smile in the piece is gone. When the inspiration of this thing can not be met, the routine became a road around who can not open. Even the rave reviews, but the program in the first quarter is not more than half of the small film "is not only a pursuit of Shen teng. Although on the ratings list, "black opera" in came in the third quarter after hard as surprise. Nowadays, there are more TV screen comedy variety joined the fray, the situation will not be optimistic, because the comedy stars are just dozens of limited, repeat themselves is their biggest routine; while the folk master can occasionally by surprise, but is still a fresh amateur thrown off the routine. Some statistics, over the past 3 years, only Shanghai screen a comedy variety show, he dished out 600 piece, but the real difficulty is — all over the country and even out of the country for master, from head to foot and call all the props can be funny elements after, can bypass the routine? The dialect? Yesterday the piece today has been scratching itch, dialect)相关的主题文章: