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The coal-fired power plant was halted signal power industry serious excess coal-fired power plant "signs looming halted" signal of power industry serious excess signs looming in Beijing reported this reporter Yang Shi Province in more than 10 years without the development and Reform Commission approved the coal project, but in the last examination and approval authority delegated to the provincial level approved after the accident, it is Guangdong Datang Leizhou thermal power the project has started construction. At the same time, the project of Fujian Huadian Shaowu thermal power plant a total investment of 4 billion 600 million yuan, is currently in the construction phase of tension. However, more coal projects are not so lucky. According to media reports, the government said 30 coal-fired power plant will be construction of total power generation capacity of 17 million kilowatts, the power plant all in April this year by the National Energy Bureau informed the more than and 10 provinces may be built within the coal-fired power plant. Harsh action has not stopped. The National Energy Bureau official website in October 20th issued a "further regulation of the planning and construction of coal notice" again, "who is determined to use red provinces coal power project, even if the project into the planning has not yet approved the suspension of approval; approved projects, suspend the construction started, stop building." Reporters combed found that only this year, the National Energy Board issued strict control of coal and electricity on the document is not less than 5. "Stop or more than 30 coal-fired power plants, the data is still changing." In October 27th, the national director of the NDRC climate change strategy research and international cooperation center Li Junfeng accept the "China Times" reporter said in an interview, whether they admit or not willing or not, the energy structure is being adjusted China. In the "capacity to" become the background of "13th Five-Year" plan, by means of excess coal production capacity, this industry is quite concerned. The first half of contrarian growth under strict control of the first half of this year, the new installed coal has appeared contrarian growth. "China Times" reporter survey found that in recent years, the five major power companies and coal enterprises are contrarian overweight promote thermal power project, knowing that overcapacity in power now, did not stop the construction of new projects. One of the five major power generation enterprises under the Leizhou Datang, Guangdong Datang thermal power project is in like a raging fire in the building, the project total investment of 20 billion yuan; belong to the five major power generation enterprises Huadian, the Fujian Huadian Shaowu thermal power plant expansion project total investment of 4 billion 600 million yuan, is in a tight construction time, grab the schedule; Shenhua had launched thermal power projects, even projects not approved on the building, such as Shenhua Anqing thermal power project did not comment on construction was halted. Data confirm the above views. According to Polaris power network statistics, the five central enterprises and other power generation companies in 2016 1-5 month approved the 64 thermal power projects. CLP data show that: in the first half of 2016 thermal power installed capacity of 27 million 110 thousand kilowatts (including coal and electricity of 21 million 490 thousand kilowatts), an investment of more than 3 million 670 thousand kilowatts. In this connection, the CLP is expected to add 120 million kilowatts of electricity installed throughout the year, of which thermal power of 50 million kilowatts. In addition, the reporter combing found that the country is also actively launched thermal power projects, Hebei, Shanxi, Liaoning, Hubei, Guangdong, Fujian and other provinces have also launched a number of thermal power projects..相关的主题文章: