The 2016 Hangzhou marathon tomorrow at 32000 players into the history of the largest-meyou

The 2016 Hangzhou marathon tomorrow at 32000 players into the largest in the history of this Sunday is at eight tomorrow morning, the thirtieth Hangzhou marathon will be run in the Huanglong Sports Center. This is the largest ever event in the history of horse racing, with 32000 people officially participating in the race, and the nation will once again focus on the marathon with the most beautiful runway. So, if you’re going to join hang Ma, are you ready? 1 have you got your bags? Today is the last day for Hangzhou horse to receive the competition bag. If you haven’t received the competition bag, you have to take it quickly. The venue is Huanglong Sports Center Tennis Hall, close to the South Gate of Qiushi Road, from nine a.m. to nine o’clock in the evening. Participants have sweaters, bag number cloth, race guide, electronic timing chip, some food and drinks, four things, please be sure to carry the day run. Important matters must be accompanied by the original identity card, as well as the confirmation letter printing, otherwise you can not get. 2 please try green travel from today until tomorrow, all the end of Hangzhou Ma event, Hangzhou Hangzhou Ma Road will be involved in traffic control, in addition to tournament vehicles, the contestants are private cars can not enter the Hangzhou horse game area, so please do green travel preparation. Take the bus and subway arrived at the Huanglong starting point aside, if you are riding to, can be in the Huanglong Road (Xixi road to the North) on both sides of the sidewalk and along the way to allow non motor vehicles parked in place orderly parking, is strictly prohibited in the Huanglong Sports Center a ring road (Nantong road to the east south area, Huanglong Stadium (Road) Huanglong stadium gate to the dawn of the road section) on the west side of the road parking. In addition, if you are a half marathon runner, the terminal is near the Xiaoshan International Expo Center, where the organizers have prepared free parking lots. 3 from now on can be raised, marathon is a limit movement, requires every runner in the race before, after and after the game to pay close attention to their body reaction. Specifically, like to drink the running friends, these two days had better stop, like to sleep late friends, these two days also had better sleep early, to ensure adequate sleep. On the day of the match, please eat at breakfast time, but don’t eat fried, sweet and carnivorous breakfast, which will cause heavy load on your stomach and bad for your health. 4 equipment is not the better the new, "old horse" all know, for Hangzhou horse specifically to buy a pair of new high-tech running shoes is not enough to take, old running shoes are often more suitable for your foot type, help you run the whole process. Experts suggest that wearing a running shoes for about one year will make runners more comfortable in the process of Hangzhou horse. In addition, socks should be thick and cotton; sports shorts are a little thinner, which is good for cooling.

2016杭州马拉松明天开跑 参赛选手32000人成史上规模最大   本周日,也就是明天上午八点,第30届杭州马拉松就要在黄龙体育中心开跑了。这是有史以来,参赛规模最大的一次杭马活动,光正式参赛选手就有32000人,全国都将再度聚焦这项拥有“最美跑道”的马拉松赛事。   那么,如果你将参加杭马,你准备好了吗?   1 参赛包领了没有?   今天是杭马领取参赛包的最后一天,如果还没领取参赛包的,你要赶快去领了。领取地点是黄龙体育中心网球馆,靠近求是路的南门,从早上九点到晚上九点。参赛包里有运动衫、号码布、参赛指南,电子计时芯片、一些食品和饮料等,前四样东西,开跑当天请务必随身携带。   重要事项――请一定带上身份证的原件,以及参赛确认函打印件,不然领不到。   2 当天请尽量绿色出行   从今天起,一直到明天杭马赛事全部结束,全杭州涉及杭马的路段都会进行交通管制,除赛事车辆外,参赛者的私家车都是不能进入杭马比赛区域的,所以请大家做好绿色出行的准备。   搭乘公交和地铁抵达黄龙出发点的暂且不说,如果你是骑车前往,可以在黄龙路(西溪路口以北段)两侧人行道以及沿途允许停放非机动车的地点有序停放,严禁在黄龙体育中心一环道(南通道口以东至体育馆以南区域)、黄龙路(黄龙体育馆大门至曙光路口段)西侧道路上停放。   另外,如果你是参加半程马拉松的选手,终点在萧山区国际博览中心附近,主办方在那里准备了免费停车场。   3 从现在起   可以“养”起来了   马拉松是一项极限运动,需要每一位跑手在赛前、赛中和赛后密切关注自己的身体反应情况。具体来说,喜欢喝酒的跑友,这两天最好停一下,喜欢晚睡的朋友,这两天也最好早点睡,保证充足睡眠。   比赛当天,请一定要在早饭时间进食,但不要吃油炸、太甜和肉食类的早点,那会对你的肠胃产生过大负荷,对身体不利。   4 装备不是越新越好   “老马”都知道,为杭马特意去买一双新款高科技跑鞋的做法并不足取,旧跑鞋往往能更适合你的脚型,帮助你跑完全程。专家建议,穿着一年左右的跑鞋,会让跑手在杭马过程中更加舒适。   另外,袜子要厚,棉质的;运动短裤薄一点好,有利于散热。相关的主题文章: