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Sparrows are more than one person!   "sparrow" TV series who is really the sparrow – Anhui Channel – recently, TV drama "sparrow" is hit, in the update of the story, and did not say who is really a sparrow, in fact, the audience think Chen deep is a sparrow, yes, but in fact, in fact, more than one deep Chen sparrow. The play tells the story of Chen lurking in the vicinity of the king of Bi Zhongliang, director of the headquarters of fake agents, through code named "sparrow" to send the secret of the workers to pass the message, the success of stealing Wang puppet government "zero" story. It is reported that the hidden undercover code "sparrow" is an underground Communist Party, lurking in an agent the agent of the headquarters of Wang puppet. The real identity of the sparrow announced the first statement, Chen Shen is a real sparrow. A special operations team captain Chen deep his true identity is the underground Party member, codenamed "sparrow", once he was a barber, but he and the director of operations, Bi Zhongliang had a life of friendship, when Chen deep saved Bi Zhongliang’s life, so he and Bi Zhong looks very good well, Chen deep are therefore very presumptuous". Li Yifeng played in the "sparrow" is a deep inside Chen has a dual identity of characters, he is Chinese Communist underground organization lurking in the Wang puppet spy headquarters leader Bi Zhongliang around the agents, is a seemingly debauch, fared well in Shanghai, but in fact he is a silent warrior. Chen Shen was born in the very period of barber, joined the Communist Party underground organization, was ordered by the switch of Wang puppet spy agencies. The deep love and the world know Chen KbaC drinks, frequent high Mei ballroom, also helped the puppet head agent operating opium business, is a respectable glamorous figure. The corruption behind Chen deep in fact every day in a thrilling experience of psychological warfare, this is his personal battle, because of faith, so he is not alone. (Liu Ying, commissioning editor Zhang Lei) spring lamb said, the sparrow not already died? The middle-aged man smiled: Yes, but I’m living for her. She has two code, another one of her name was the prime minister. I will always use the sparrow code. Spring sheep said, when to use? The middle-aged man said, either at the expense of time, or when the dawn. Through the ballroom lights, spring sheep to see middle-aged man’s face was covered with pitted scars, seem to face the vicissitudes of life. So, therefore, at the beginning, "sparrow" and "prime minister" Shen Qiuxia, later all dead, Chen deep with the two code, and continue to fight for everyone! So the real sparrow is actually Li Xiaoran’s Shen Qiuxia, also called the prime minister. Shen Qiuxia was a staunch revolutionary who was arrested for betraying a traitor. In order to faith and family, decided to abandon the rescue Chen deep elaborate, decidedly kangkaijiuyi. The first episode aired "sparrow", after Li Xiaoran’s prime minister and later told Chen Chen deep meet, there will be a doctor named deep contact with him. In fact, the actress Li Xiaonan is the doctor". (Liu Ying, commissioning editor Zhang Lei) "sparrow" in the novel is so described — Li Xiaonan began to confess in smoked a cigarette. )相关的主题文章: