Since the beginning of this year, the University of Shaanxi may be an associate professor to promote midd-885

This year, Shaanxi University associate professor of colleges and universities to promote independent self rating review newspaper news (reporter Zhang Yangang) Provincial Department of Education issued a notice yesterday to associate professor of Higher Education Accreditation Authority of Shaanxi Province, clearly from 2016 onwards, all the administrative regions in our province, the various schools of Higher Education approved by the education department or the provincial government. Have the right to review associate professor. Reporters learned that this decision is based on the implementation of the views of "CPC Central Committee on deepening talent development system reform of Shaanxi provincial Party Committee on deepening talent development system reform spirit, follow the rule of the growth of talent, highlight the leading role in the subject in the title of the assessment of the scientific definition of the title assessment authority, promote the independent review. And associate professor of Ministry of education, colleges and universities the right to review the work of examination and approval by the Ministry of education on the education administrative department of the provincial people’s government and the implementation of relevant laws and regulations made by the spirit. The requirements of the provincial education department, associate professor of the university has the right to review, should conscientiously implement the national and Shaanxi province relevant title reform policies and regulations, in accordance with the procedures, adhere to the standard of review, review the quality assurance. Adhere to the principles of openness, fairness and justice, the implementation of the publicity link, so that the post open, public policy, procedures, open, open results. Provincial Department of education, colleges and universities in the province is not lower than the human resources and social security of high school teachers in Shaanxi Province Post Evaluation Work Department, the Provincial Department of Education issued the "implementation measures (Trial)" and "high school teachers in Shaanxi province promoted associate professor and Professor post evaluation measures (trial)" the provisions of the basic conditions of the review that can be combined with professional features of school discipline, develop the University’s accreditation. Colleges and universities to set up a teacher evaluation committee, the selection of good ideological and political and professional quality, high academic attainments, upright style, has high prestige among the masses of the professors, members to ensure a reasonable scientific structure. School assessment methods and the list of members of the review committee and the Provincial Department of education. After the end of the annual review of the work, the University and the results of the review and the Provincial Department of education. The provincial education department will strengthen the associate professor of colleges and universities evaluation work beforehand, and afterwards supervision and services, guidance and supervision in strict accordance with the approved accreditation review, do publicity work, to properly exercise the right to review, there are higher school evaluation work confusion, resulting in serious adverse effects or consequences, will be informed criticism in the education system, depending on the severity, until the abolition of the right to suspend review.相关的主题文章: