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Sichuan Lushan monkey boy was besieged area: the reimbursement of medical expenses – Sohu news WCC client news September 26th, Sichuan Xichang Lushan scenic area of the "big brother" become powerful and intransigent and in trouble. The afternoon of September 23rd, Xichang City, 12 year old student Gon Freecss was on his way home from school, a group of monkeys on the Mountain Lu siege, the body was bites from more than and 10, in which the head injuries are serious bleeding. Fortunately, 3 workers passing timely rescue, get rid of the monkey. Currently, Gon Freecss has been out of danger, in hospital treatment. Scenic area, said Gon Freecss’s family can look for reimbursement of medical invoices. From 1998 to 2015, the number of monkeys Xichang Lushan mountain rose only from 101 to more than and 600, while in November last year, the local catch went 100 only, but there are still monkeys in lushan. Next, the local also plans to capture a number of diversion to the field. Gon Freecss in hospital for treatment. This picture are the WCC school boy was besieging the monkey figure September 26th, Monday, Gon Freecss did not go to school. Lying in the surgical ward of Xichang People’s Hospital, his head wrapped around a thick bandage, all over the body scarred. Gon Freecss kept shouting pain, not sitting, lying is not. Gon Freecss’s mother for a while with his hand to support his neck, and then put up his hips, only to let the body as far as possible, will be a little more comfortable. Gon Freecss’s injury was bitten by a monkey. The 12 year old Gon Freecss in Xichang City Fifth read first, live in Lushan Mountain in Liangshan slave society museum. On September 23rd in the afternoon after school, and as usual he carrying a bag to go home alone, go to a nearby Lushan Mountain monument, is a group of monkeys under siege. Gon Freecss said, the monkey grabbed and bite him, the more he rebelled, the monkey is more fierce. You see, in addition to the foot board, the whole body is a monkey bite, caught." Gon Freecss’s mother opened Gon Freecss’s underwear, his body up and down more than and 10 different sizes of wounds. The doctor said, Gon Freecss’s injury is the most serious in the head, 2 cm long wound bar. Gon Freecss’s mother said, when the son, hands empty, no funny play monkey, did not bring snacks drinks, only carrying a bag, do not know why the monkey will be charged. Is monkey bites from Gon Freecss. Passing away to help migrant workers group Gon Freecss recalls, at that time, he has been lying on the ground, a daze, there are several uncle for help to get rid of the monkey. Reporter after many contacts, find the Master Yu helped Gon Freecss get rid of monkeys. However, he declined to disclose the real name, but said, was just in time, if not found, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. Master Yu said he and two other workers, Lu master master Feng is the Xichang person, this time to do the construction work in the mountain lu. About 6 in the afternoon after work, they ride a motorcycle down home, via a corner near the monument, two sister stopped covered with confusion. The elder sister is very anxious, say, quick, there is a doll in front of being bitten by a group of monkeys, can’t run away.相关的主题文章: