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Shandong double week launched "1+10" series of activities   venues featured –IT– original title: Shandong double week launched "1+10" series of activities at the venue activities distinctive original title: Shandong double week launched "1+10" series of activities at the venue activities distinctive Qilu news network October 9th in accordance with the unified arrangements of the State Council, the provincial government the approval is scheduled for October 12th to 18, held in 2016 in Shandong Province Public entrepreneurship peoples innovation week". Today (9 days), the provincial government information office held a press conference, invited the deputy director of the provincial development and Reform Commission, deputy secretary of Party Guanbin Li, vice chairman of association of Party members, Ji Hongbo introduced related activities. According to the arrangement of double week "1+10" series of activities, activities held in the grand hall home court central campus stadium, including double week launch ceremony, the "double" theme show results in Shandong province and the three Venture Alliance forum. The exhibition will be divided into policies and measures; new technologies, new products, new formats, new mode; entrepreneurial innovation representative and team innovation platform; the four modules exhibit. In addition, Shandong double week in universities, research institutes, associations and other units were set up 10 sub venues, held a forum, roadshow, double exchange, academic reports, business innovation and entrepreneurship competition and other special events in the week, presenting opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship projects across the province and excellent platform. The 10 part of Museum activities including: overseas high-level talents entrepreneurship project financing roadshow, Shandong province higher education innovation and entrepreneurship education reform policy, "i· series of propaganda activities; management innovation and entrepreneurship Culture Festival, Shandong Province Agricultural Students Innovation and entrepreneurship competition, creating cultural auditorium, Internet plus theme roadshow," wing "College Students’ innovation consciousness of infinite series of activities, school enterprise cooperation and talents networking technology innovation forum, young scientists service innovation entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship training special activities of public action. Conference, vice chairman of the Provincial Association for science and Party members, Ji Hongbo, the 10 venues have the following characteristics: first, the expert review, selected. The pre collecting venues, covering provincial departments, universities and various social organizations, registration is very enthusiastic. The NDRC last Provincial Association the United Provinces and relevant experts, set up a special inspection team, to more than 60 venues offer up the layers of screening. In the end, various factors are considered, and the 10 activities are selected. Second, wide coverage, highlighting the province linkage. In the selection process, the main consideration of the coverage of the activities to be broad, not limited to one place in Ji’nan. For example, the Qiingdao University "i· management innovation and entrepreneurship Culture Festival is held in Qingdao, entrepreneurship public training special activities of the Shandong Drug and Food Vocational College was held in Weihai, the young scientist service enterprise innovation in Shandong province Laiwu Institute of science and technology transfer center of business operations is held in Laiwu, and so on, strive for innovation and entrepreneurship in some outstanding achievements in the city a)相关的主题文章: