Seven in the evening after eating heart injury-win7codecs

Late seven, food injury "heart", many people love to eat supper, a Turkey study has shown that two hours before sleep, preferably 7 late after eating to avoid, otherwise it will increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Normally, people fall asleep and their blood pressure drops by at least 10%. In September 9th, University researchers in Turkey tracked 721 hypertensive patients with an average age of 53 years, and found that two hours before bedtime, 2.8 times higher than those who did not eat at night. The researchers said at the Rome meeting of the European Society of cardiology that this is because eating releases stress hormones and keeps the body on alert, but this time the body should relax and get ready to fall asleep. The British "Daily Mail" quoted researchers as saying, in patients with hypertension is at high risk for heart disease, blood pressure at night don’t drop, the risk of heart attack or stroke would be much higher in normal blood pressure should also pay attention to the results of this study. Previous studies also showed that eating early in dinner can reduce the risk of breast cancer, lower blood sugar levels, and help burn more calories. (source: Beijing daily)

晚七点后进食伤“心”   很多人爱吃夜宵,土耳其一项研究却显示,睡前两小时、最好是晚7点后避免进食,否则会增加心脏病发作和中风的风险。   通常情况下,人们入睡后血压会下降至少10%。土耳其九月九日大学研究人员追踪调查了721名平均年龄53岁的高血压患者,发现就寝前两小时内的进食者,夜间血压不降、一直保持高位的可能性是不进食者的2.8倍。研究人员在欧洲心脏病学会罗马会议上说,这是因为进食会释放压力激素,令机体保持“高度警惕”状态,但这时候机体应该放松,准备入睡。   英国《每日邮报》援引研究人员的话报道,高血压患者本来就是心脏病高危人群,夜间血压再不降的话,心脏病发作或中风的风险会高得多,血压正常人群也应对这一研究结果予以重视。先前研究还显示,晚餐吃得早可以降低乳腺癌风险,降低血糖水平,帮助燃烧更多卡路里。(来源:北京日报)相关的主题文章: