September car city Carnival 1.6 tax cuts exit countdown liuxiaobo

September car city Carnival 1.6 liters of tax cuts from the countdown to the last month, a Chengdu 4S store sales manager Huang is busy busy, even can not rest on the National Day holiday. However, the reporter found that he seemed to happiness within, in the process of talking, the yellow face often unconsciously thrown a smile of happiness. Recently, the car is really selling crazy, especially SUV, is simply buying." Xiao Huang told reporters. In fact, the "daily economic news" reporter also noticed that, as the traditional sales season, this year’s "golden nine silver ten" full color. According to the Chinese Automobile Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the Automobile Association) data, in September this year, China car total sales volume is 2 million 564 thousand and 100, an increase of 26.14%; the first three quarters, car sales 19 million 360 thousand and 400, an increase of 13.17%. It is expected that this year, China’s auto market sales exceeded 27 million possibilities are very large. However, Huang quietly told reporters, in addition to the traditional seasonal factors, the key factors that caused the September car sales soared, consumers are worried since October last year the implementation of the 1.6L and the following passenger car purchase tax policy may expire at the end of the year will be canceled. Therefore, we advance to seize the policy dividend. The fact is as Huang said? To explore the truth, the reporter conducted a survey visit. 1.6L and the following vehicles in the main city China auto market sales Automobile Association released the latest data, the reporter noted that in the driving half purchase tax favorable policies, energy saving 1.6 liters displacement of small cars following indeed showing explosive growth. The first three quarters of this year, 1.6L and below passenger car total sales of 12 million 35 thousand vehicles, an increase of 22.1%, high car overall growth rate of 7.4 percentage points; for passenger car total sales amounted to 71.8%, an increase of 4.1 percentage points. "On the one hand, the effect of the purchase tax incentive policy is very obvious; on the other hand, it also shows that due to the continuation of the policy after the expiration of the inconclusive, consumers began to overdraft consumption, to seize the dividend policy." A car market analyst to the daily economic news reporter said. Reporters noted that with the traditional car year monthly sales shows "V" trend, the overall market this year the monthly sales volume is increased, especially in July and August is the traditional off-season, but also appeared sales rise. To the September season, the car market is the emergence of explosive growth, year on year growth of 28.94%. Specifically, there are three cars go hand in hand, outstanding performance in September. Among them, the largest increase in the SUV market, sales of 879 thousand, an increase of 54.21%, the car market is still the largest market segment sales, sales of 1 million 119 thousand and 300, an increase of 17.07%. In addition, MPV models sold 221 thousand and 500 units, an increase of 37.32%. From the displacement point of view, 1.6L and below the small displacement models are still the main car city. In September this year, 1.6 liters and below passenger car sales of 1 million 634 thousand, an increase of 42.2%, higher than the passenger car market overall level of 13.3 percentage points"相关的主题文章: