Samsung said it has nothing to do with the Chinese mobile phone experts the difference between China

Samsung said the fire has nothing to do with Chinese mobile phone experts: Samsung battery distinction Sino US door continuous fermentation to replace the new mobile phone Samsung consisting of the original title is South Korea Note7 users: mobile phone Samsung said the fire has nothing to do with expert: the distinction China with Europe and the United States [global times in South Korea, Germany, Canadian journalist Wang Wei Aoki Global Times reporter Tao short housing Fan Lingzhi] Reuters, Jingdong China online retailer 19 confirmed that the ongoing internal review of the day before the Jingdong online shopping Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone battery explosion, and has a preliminary report submitted to the Samsung Corp. The day before the news came out on the Chinese network, said consumers have purchased a Samsung Note7 phone on the Jingdong website, the results of the phone a few days of spontaneous combustion. Note7 mobile phone because the battery is easy to fire and explosion in the worldwide recall, but Samsung in September 14th China website said in a statement, because the Chinese sales version of the battery manufacturers are different, so there is no need to recall. In the Note7 mobile phone Chinese fire explosion event is undoubtedly Samsung statement before the face. On the morning of September 18th, known as Chihuahua you friends in Baidu Note7 stick post said he purchased from the state line version of Samsung Note7 mobile phone exploded. The netizen said, "sitting in bed playing mobile phone suddenly for no reason at the black screen, mobile phone in the rock, feeling wrong flew away, really really burst." From this netizen drying out the photos, the phone screen has been part of the accident was burned, and foreign Note 7 battery fire and explosion similar to the case. In order to confirm the authenticity of the contents of the article published, you baby doll also posted in the Jingdong purchased a mobile phone invoices, said he bought the Samsung Note 7 is indeed the line. Jingdong also confirmed that the phone is Samsung mobile phone version. Jingdong said, Jingdong contacted the supplier for the first time. Judging from the number of IMEI on the package, the phone by the brand side Samsung (China) direct supply, at present, Samsung to retrieve the user’s phone to detect the investigation." 19 PM, Samsung and its battery supplier ATL said in a statement, Samsung Note occurred in China, the fire problem is caused by an external heat source, and the battery has nothing to do with the. But this statement was immediately questioned by Chinese netizens. Toshiba said, "what is the external heat source: microwave ovens, stoves, bellows, or Lao alchemy furnace?" There are friends, said, why not come from the third party, but Samsung internal, can believe it?" "It is China consumers pengci? The Rashomon seems to be on the court to solve." In fact, since the emergence of Note7 mobile phone in a multinational explosion after the fire, Samsung’s recall program for Chinese consumers to treat a wide range of differences caused widespread discontent. In September 14th, the state quality inspection administration official website announced that the national quality inspection administration law enforcement department quality inspection administration of defective product management center, talks with the Samsung Corp, the company to the State Quality Inspection Administration filed a recall plan, the number is 1858. But these recalled the phone is mainly through the official website of the community, such as samsung.相关的主题文章: