Russia first announced the world’s most powerful nuclear missiles will be able to erase a French Mil crycry

Russia first announced the world’s most powerful nuclear missiles will be able to erase a French Military Channel with the Sohu original state Rocket Center of Russia Ma Ji Aliyev disclosed on the website of sal Matt screenshot. Text with map: the Russian state Rocket Center Ma Ji Aliyev disclosed on the website of sal Matt screenshot. The observer network game: Russia and NATO has continued to increase, with the accelerating of the NATO strategic blockade of Russia and Russian military crackdown, to speed up the development of its own weapons pace. According to reported on October 27th, at the National Center of Russian rocket Ma Ji Aliyev’s website, "Mr Matt RS-28" intercontinental ballistic missile photos first exposure. Reported that the RS-28 Matt will be the missile since the end of the cold war, Russia’s greatest power, but also the most deadly nuclear weapons. In accordance with the introduction of Russia, it can break all existing anti missile system, the target for a devastating blow. Russia’s "news" reported earlier, Russia in April this year, the successful test of the equipment, "Matt" missile hypersonic warhead, the warhead can carry a nuclear bomb, can also carry conventional ammunition. According to the Russian satellite network reported, RS-28 sal Matt intercontinental ballistic missiles, more than 35 meters in length, total weight of 100 tons, the load of about 10 tons, the maximum range will reach 17000 km, can even over the north pole, is expected to begin service from 2018 to 2021. The 10-15 can carry missiles guided nuclear warheads, adopt advanced warhead penetration technology, can break through all of the anti missile system, from different directions to identify attacks against multiple targets, known as the king of the missile family "". At present the Russian intercontinental ballistic missile active power is the largest R-36M (NATO as "Satan 1"), the Russian strategic rocket force commander Sergei? "Said Kara Akayev, Sal Matt, RS-28 service, will completely replace R-36M intercontinental missile. "Mr Matt" warhead design concept by circuitous attack path choice to North and south according to Reference News quoted 27 of Russia’s "Morning News" website reported that the design of the missile Ma Ji Aliyev National Missile Research Center said, "Mr Matt" strategy is to ensure that the Russian strategic missile nuclear deterrent can complete tasks effectively. The official picture may not be the final version of the missile, but from the sketch can be seen, the overall design is more concise and refined than the old model. According to reports, "Matt" is a heavy strategic missile. A weight of about 210 tons of R-36M, RS-28 were significantly lighter, combat power has greatly improved. R-36M is equipped with solid fuel engine, and RS-28 will be equipped with liquid fuel engine, helps to enhance the combat capability of the weight of the premise. Another point that RS-28 is superior to R-36M is that it can send a warhead into geosynchronous orbit, that is to say, the RS-28 is virtually unrestricted in range. Thanks to the performance, attacking enemy targets can not choose the shortest launch trajectory, the direction of the more arbitrary choice can be deployed without any anti missile facilities.相关的主题文章: