Russia considering restoring global deployment back to cam Ranh Bay Vietnam responded no kasey chase

Russia considering restoring global deployment back to cam Ranh Bay Vietnam responded: no Russian news agency last week quoted the Russian Defense Ministry sources said that Russia is considering restoring the Soviet Union during the cold war in the global military bases, including the return to vietnam. Vietnam responded, said not to lend Russia the use of cam Ranh bay. The cold war peak, cam Ranh Bay is the largest Soviet bases overseas. According to the British Reuters reported on October 13th, Vietnam has always insisted that the position is not aligned with the military, and not aligned with other countries against the third party." Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokesman Li Haiping (sound) said at a press conference the same day, we will not allow any country to set up a military base in vietnam." He said that Vietnam has always pursued an independent, peaceful and cooperative and diversified foreign policy, efforts to promote the integration of the international society, on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, is willing to work with all partners to promote cooperation and development, contribute to the Asia Pacific region and world peace, stability, cooperation and development. The bay is located in central Vietnam Khanh Hoa Province, facing the South China Sea, very strategic position. Vietnam in March this year opened Jinlan international port, open to accept foreign military ships and private vessels, we can strengthen the relations between Vietnam and naval forces, and encouraged to maintain freedom of navigation in the South China sea. In 1970s, Vietnam and the former Soviet Union relations, Vietnam in 1979 to cam Ranh Bay base by the use of the former Soviet Union, the two sides signed a 25 year lease to 2002 ahead of the withdrawal of all Russian naval units.相关的主题文章: