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Reporter observed: more pragmatic, an important platform for exchange of folk – International – September 30 Tokyo Xinhua (Xu Yongxin sun Lu Teng snow) the morning of September 28th, the twelfth session of the Beijing – Tokyo Forum jointly hosted by Chinese International Publishing Group and the Japanese NPO’s speech in Tokyo ended. In the morning plenary meeting, in the Japanese guests made a keynote speech, representatives of the two sides are discussing their forum as a summary report, and issued a "Tokyo consensus" forum according to the agreement. The theme of this forum is "Sino Japanese cooperation for peace and development in Asia and the world", and nearly 500 guests and representatives from the political, economic, academic and media circles of China and japan. There is a point of view but the atmosphere of harmony 27 afternoon, the people’s Daily reporter participated in the bilateral political and diplomatic sub forum, economic sub forum discussion. Japanese senator, former deputy finance minister Fujita Yukiku stressed the importance of civil exchanges. He said that if there is a friend in a country, do not want to engage with the country. The study of international relations at Sophia University represented, former Japanese ambassador Fujisaki Ichiro said that Japan and South Korea for many China very insulting publications, look forward to the future introduction of legal restrictions. The Japanese city of Shanghai, the president of the association of Shanghai Institute of International Advisory Committee Deputy Director Wu Jinan said, these years, negative media reports of Japanese media China too much, making the Japanese people’s understanding of China bias. Now the Japanese politicians can write poetry, the ancient culture of East Asia. Fewer and fewer people, now are in accordance with the standards of the United States, the United States thought to go, the two policy gap is growing. reporter noted that, although in some problems on both sides. Even completely opposite, but the two sides guests or take the initiative to shake hands with each other, can be said that the atmosphere is harmonious, is impressive. The new characters of Wu Ji forum pointed out that, compared with the previous, this forum has three obvious changes. One is rational and pragmatic, the two sides no longer entangled in the details of the problem, not to blame each other, but uphold the principle of looking forward to maximize consensus. Two is the future of Sino Japanese relations, not pessimistic attitude. Third, in view of the weak mechanism of the Sino Japanese consultation mechanism, on the Beijing – Tokyo forum such a platform for non-governmental exchanges to the mechanism, normalization, networking development, we put forward constructive comments. Dean of Renmin University of China School of journalism, former director of the Information Office of the State Council, former director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the CPPCC Zhao Qizheng said, Beijing – Tokyo forum has persisted for 12 years, it is essentially pure government diplomacy between China and Japan’s most important outside of the Japanese folk exchange channel. These 12 years, all communication is straightforward, in the backbone are thought to improve Sino Japanese relations is a bounden duty of them, a kind of responsibility, rather than the general social activities or occupation, so everyone is extremely serious. Sino Japanese cooperation in the vast space of the Japanese House of Representatives Fukuda Dao said that the last 4 years to go to China every year, the biggest challenge facing China is the government to lead the development of the 1 billion 300 million people, which is in the history of mankind相关的主题文章: