Recalling the past time along new road theme activities – Beijing innawoods

"Recalling the past time along new road" theme activities – Beijing October 31st, Zhenjiang Jinshan experimental school in Runzhou Industrial Park Furun Huating community carried out "the past eventful years, 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march along the new long march road" as the theme of the Red Army memorial activities. Face to face Mao Zedong personal guard Wang Mingfu live with their children, he used his personal experience, give the child to take the spirit of enlightenment, inheritance of the new long march road fire. This year, 86 year old Wang Mingfu in the side of the chairman of the guard for many years as a member of the armed forces, he witnessed the older generation of revolutionaries and the hard work of the quality of the will of the hard work of the quality of the people of the world, and the quality of the hard work of the older generation of. "Look at the children, this is a photo of the Chairman Mao on the plane back English words." Wang Mingfu live demonstration of Chairman Mao’s photos for the children, the children to study hard, Chairman Mao passed unity upward, hard work, firm and indomitable spirit of the long march. "Wang said too good, we must remember the king Grandpa, love of learning, learn the knowledge to build our motherland better, do a service for people who." Jinshan experimental school Lu Juan said. It is understood that Runzhou Industrial Park Furun Vista community will also carry out the theme essay, the Long March movie theme month, the voluntary service form to strengthen party members and the masses of the revolutionary spirit of deep understanding, to accept the baptism of thought.相关的主题文章: