Read the world book, think about China baxia

Read the book world, want to Chinese. – in October 13th, the people’s daily, WeChat public "learning group" "Knight island" has published the general secretary Xi Jinping article "my love" literature, 14, people’s daily and Guangming Daily published the full text of this article. In this article, Xi Jinping talked about his homely chatter like reading literature history. From childhood "cizi mother-in-law" to the official The imprint is engraved on my heart., Ningde Shouning County Magistrate Feng Menglong heart, from the Liang Jia River Cave Shoubushijuan read "Faust", the capital of Havana to Cuba twice pondered Hemingway, diaokeshiguang like narrative, into a Duan Wenxue ideal nourishment, agitation of the journey. Affectionate memories and cordial talk, revealed Xi Jinping’s deep feelings for the cause of literature and art, eager to look forward to the literary and artistic creation. If the "speech" is the general secretary of the party and the state in the literary work to make positioning and request that "my love" literature is more from his personal reading experience point of view, the great mental strength confirmed literature to people. Both interacts, deepen our understanding of the mission of the era of literary creation. General secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the Forum on literature and art work for two years, the literary and artistic circles and even the whole Chinese society’s attention to the creation of literary works and efforts to increase. How to Chinese art of excellent traditional culture of creative and innovative development, how to be more beneficial to the world, how to create a unique Chinese national image by way of culture, to the great cause of cultural self-confidence and Chinese spiritual boost national rejuvenation…… To carry the heavy responsibility on the shoulders, the China still need unremitting exploration aggressive and toughness. Hemingway wrote to the old man and the sea "near the Zhanqiao to blow, he often went to the bar for a cup of literature" Mojito "tough love", this is the general secretary Xi Jinping’s literary love "read to make people smile, the original literary youth had similar form" remember". With a self expanding youth play literature reading map to "map", to those who have received through their own spiritual world, the book of the people and objects in the image, then, the writer read the excitement, the young years of memory, get the eternal spirit of thousands out altogether fermentation. People who love reading must have had such a moment. Although the phrase "Marcks years later" has been used up, but it can only use "years" to describe the first time but feel like after being apart a long time. The taste of a cup of "Mohito" feel. Xi Jinping value of literature and art, to the small said, because he himself as a senior Wen Qing has benefited from. Youth literature reading to his life hit bottom, he knows the matter of the world. "The world" four words, fateful. This is why he in the work of the forum’s speech "speak out" but sincere words and earnest wishes. The most distinctive feature of his background is not separated, and in ancient times. A long list of private coverage at all times and in all countries classic, vaguely necessarily a difficult time "bite" by the book of happiness. He said ")相关的主题文章: