Police baby into the school for 8 years, the photographer’s 5318 ” candid camera ” touched use win7codecs

The traffic police guard EVA Jinjiao 8 years photographer 5318 " candid " public channel – touched friends 70 year old Xie Caibao is Changzhou Jintan famous photographer, 46 years of photography career, he made the characters too many to count. The last 6 years, thanks to the "stare at" a local traffic police named Lu Xudong, leaving a total of 5318 photos, this year has been candid in the first year of the seventh. Every time the photos to the local Internet forums, netizens will give traffic police praise, Lu Xudong also earned the name "black police". He shot this group action, can sign this is the school gate jams "special police" style: in November 1, 2010, the then 64 year old Xie Caibao get up early to go out folk songs, fast local Hua Luogeng experimental school, found the school gate gathered a lot of people and vehicles. I think what happened, the result is a traffic police in the traffic flow shuttle, open the door to lead the children into the school. Scene of the traffic police, is the Jintan Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade police Lu Xudong. Before Xie Caibao beat him, repeat the door to hand in hand to send students continuous action has been done for two years. Hua Luogeng, vice chairman of the union Experimental School of the sixth grade language teacher at the school gate goofy said, this road was originally a two-way two lane, to go to school every morning peak, motor vehicle and pedestrian bus, motionless on the accident. Most parents in the lower grades of the car at the entrance of a stop, get off the door to the child, endorsement package, to the school gate and then turn back to start the vehicle, a delay is a few minutes. Goofy said, demobilized policeman Lu Xudong swift, loud, low grade parents see parking, he immediately opened the door, put her hand off to help the schoolbag on the back to the door, parents do not get off, stay 3 minutes from time shortened to about ten seconds, the school gate traffic conditions. "Start looking habits, he is a policeman, but like a hotel doorman like to give people open the door, holding a child holding a child." Goofy said. Lens his proposal to make the road no longer pressure Alexander to give way to the conscious parents point like: Lu Xudong’s move, quietly affecting the parents. Now morning and evening peak, it is difficult to see the parents at the entrance of the school site." Xie Caibao said, to see Lu police took the students across the road, parents will take the initiative to let the road out. At this time, Lu police officers will turn back to the driver’s thumb, seemingly harmonious and harmonious. Over the past 8 years, Jintan private cars grew from less than 20 thousand to 100 thousand, the school gate road traffic pressure. Lu Xudong constantly thinking of ideas to improve traffic facilities, for many years with the film Caibao Xie found change: on the road bed is gone, the road central isolation barrier, the shorter the roadside road board…… Changzhou City Public Security Bureau of Jintan Police Brigade captain Gu Rongchun said, according to Lu Xudong’s proposal, canceled the green belt to the isolation barrier, preventing the vehicle in front of the school in the school gate turn; removed two beds, the expansion of the school on both sides of the road, additional temporary parking spaces, these measures greatly enhance the school gate road capacity. Lu Xudong also repeatedly reported相关的主题文章: