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Frank, what Xuxin Ghosts – Chongqing Channel – before the eighteen session of the tenth round of visits to the central first drying out feedback on the issue of Tianjin, "the minority party cadres ideals and beliefs is lost, do not believe in Marxism letter spirits" impressively in the head. Previously, Tianjin has notified the former members of the Tianjin Municipal Committee, former Secretary of the Jinnan District Lv Fuchun, a typical case of superstitious activities. Lv Fuchun spends hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy Buddha statues at home, looking for Feng Shui to solve the geomantic omen, divination the future, and invite people to fortune telling. Office, residence, and other official vehicles at full power, the growth of evil spirits misfortunes "sign" and "". (Xinhua October 12th), after the eighteen largest, each tour feedback list of issues, some new words, new expressions are the focus of public attention. In this question feedback, Tianjin minority party members and cadres "do not believe Marxism Leninism, ghosts and gods" attracted much attention from all walks of life. As a former seventeen Central Committee alternate candidate, vice mayor of the main leadership study object, departments and regions, Lu Fu Chun step by step fall into "do not believe in Marxism believe the spirits, not to seek re officer, officer is not fine fine money, not love of virtue love beauty, no discipline in terms of the" four winds "corruption molecular, profound lessons, set people thinking. Impression, like Lv Fuchun "on stage about Lenin, Taiwan pray", as early as non cases, no longer "news". Former Minister of Railways Liu Zhijun, burn incense and pray at home for a long period of time, the office put patron stone, believe in Feng Shui, before the project started please Feng Shui foundation selected time, in order to Geely; former deputy secretary of the Sichuan provincial Li Chuncheng will be home for the elderly graves relocated from the Northeast Dujiangyan, hired Feng Shui to spend millions of public funds do Dojo; Guangdong Jieyang former party secretary Chen Hongping extremely superstitious Feng Shui, the use of public funds to build their own house, not only will the "Fengshui" into the city planning and construction, also called on Party cadres to take the lead in studying "Feng shui"…… There are three reasons for the officials to favor geomantic omen and believe in ghosts and gods. Firstly, the world outlook, outlook on life and values are gradually transformed, resulting in the belief crisis, and the two is the "official standard" thought. Some of the officials who call themselves "materialism" are not materialistic, and they dream of becoming bigger officials through "geomantic omen". Some have the ability and the pursuit of, originally by the proper effort can be promoted officials, in order to increase the insurance factor, but also consciously or not to join the team to bless; three is the spiritual emptiness, seeking sustenance. Some officials have done some shady ghosts, fear, want to take this to obtain a supernatural force shall find sustenance and home to their heart dirty soul. According to reports, Yunnan Province, the original Kunming Municipal Committee, deputy mayor Li Xi, realising he took the money should not take the likely "trouble", so, always failing to find "feng shui master" or pray, even home into a magpie also injured a "master" by the good or ill luck; Liaoning Province, former mayor of Fushun city Luan Qingwei to guide and forecast future and the fate of hope in the "master", trying to use the "supernatural or mysterious forces" to let greed get the greatest satisfaction)

心中坦荡荡,何需信鬼神–重庆频道–人民网   日前,十八届中央第十轮巡视率先晒出对天津的问题反馈,“少数党员干部理想信念丧失,不信马列信鬼神”赫然在目。此前,天津曾通报了天津市委原委员、津南区委原书记吕福春大搞迷信活动的典型案例。吕福春花费数十万元购买佛像在家中供奉,找风水先生破解风水、卜问前程,请人算命。办公室、住处、公务用车等处布满消灾辟邪、增长权势的“符”与“器”。(10月12日 新华网)   十八大后,每次巡视反馈的问题清单中,一些新词汇、新表述都是舆论关注的焦点。在今次问题反馈中,天津少数党员干部“不信马列信鬼神”备受各界瞩目。作为曾经的十七届中央候补委员候选人、副市长考察对象、部门和地区主要领导,吕福春一步步堕落成“不信马列信鬼神,不重谋事重谋官,不精干事精敛财,不恋美德恋美色,不讲纪律讲‘四风’”的腐败分子,教训深刻,发人深省。   印象中,像吕福春这样“台上大讲马列,台下求神拜佛”,早非个案,不再“新闻”。铁道部原部长刘志军,长期在家烧香拜佛,办公室放“靠山石”,笃信风水,在一些工程开工之前请风水先生选定奠基时间,以求吉利;四川省委原副书记李春城将家里老人坟墓从东北迁往都江堰,聘请风水先生做道场等花费千万公款;广东揭阳市委原书记陈弘平极度迷信风水,动用公款为自己修建阴宅,不仅将“风水术”引入城市规划建设中,还号召党政干部带头学习 “风水学”……   官员如此青睐风水、信奉鬼神,原因大致有三:一是受社会大气候的影响,世界观、人生观、价值观逐渐蜕变,产生了信仰危机;二是“官本位”思想在作怪。一些口口声声自称“唯物主义”者的官员其实并不“唯物”,幻想通过“风水造人”当上更大的官。一些有能力、有追求,原本通过正当的努力就能够获得升迁的官员,为了“增加保险系数”,也自觉或不自觉地加入祈求神鬼保佑的队伍;三是精神空虚,寻求寄托。一些官员因做了一些见不得人的鬼事,内心恐惧,想籍此求得一种超自然力量的庇佑,给自己那颗肮脏的灵魂寻找寄托和归宿。   据报道,云南省昆明市原市委常委、常务副市长李喜,在意识到自己拿了不该拿的钱有可能会“出事”之后,忧心如焚,遇事总是要找“风水大师”或是求神拜佛,甚至连家里进了一只受伤的喜鹊也要请来“大师”卜算吉凶;辽宁省抚顺市原市长栾庆伟把个人的命运和前途寄望于“大师”的指点和预测上,试图借助“超自然或神秘力量”让贪欲得到最大的满足……殊不知,只要触碰党纪国法,无论哪路神仙都保不了,其结果就是“傻子遇到骗子”(栾庆伟忏悔语录)。   执掌社会公权、承担公共责任的党员干部,是社会的中坚和骨干力量,其行为对周围人群、社会风气都会产生广泛影响。这些人热衷封建迷信,频频现身风水场所,甚至利用职权、打着公务的幌子用公款为迷信活动买单,极易起到某种“示范”作用,侵害群众的切身利益,败坏社会风气,损害党和政府的形象,亦令风水之术呈火上浇油之势,严重影响政府官员的基本价值取向和政府决策运行机制的严肃性和有效性。对这种现象,不能只做道德评判,必须坚决予以禁止。   心中坦荡荡,何需信鬼神?当务之急,一是党员干部要进一步加强党性修养,强化理论武装,坚定理想信念,自觉抵制和破除封建迷信思想;二是要大力净化被“潜规则”污染日久的官场环境,用好群众评议、实绩考核以及科学的能力素质测评这几根“标尺”,给大多数官员建立起稳定的凭“实绩”升官的政治预期;三是对症下药,从制度层面强化干部的管理、约束、监督,把权力关进制度的笼子,对领导干部动用公权大搞封建迷信形成刚性约束和制度性监督;四是加大惩处力度,让所有的官员对“高压线”敬畏有加,不敢去烧香拜佛、信奉鬼神。   文 高福生 (责编:盖纯、张?)相关的主题文章:

Mysterious natural person hunters, landscape culture forget placards, because the proportion of non

Mysterious natural landscapes and cultural placards called for hunters left no calculation of the shareholding ratio of hot column capital flows thousands thousand comment stock diagnosis the latest rating simulated trading client Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance: App speed Kanpan live on-line blogger to tutor each reporter Xu Shuai due to the presence of non disclosure placards and other problems people, the cultural landscape (600234, the closing price of 22.22 yuan) recently received SSE supervision of a paper letter. Today (February 23rd), the cultural landscape announcement responded that the reason is not timely disclosure placards stake not included in the Zhongan rise before buying. It is worth mentioning that the clock Ansheng holdings is the stock price soaring propeller is just in her after buying, the stock price from the cultural landscape plummeted rapidly switch for inflation, within half a month interval increase has been as high as 94.57%. After the stock price soared, the change of rights and interests announced by the landscape culture showed that the company did not hold the shares of listed companies. After the change of the rights and interests, Zhong Ansheng held 11 million 30 thousand shares of landscape culture, accounting for 5.45% of the total share capital of the landscape culture. The "daily economic news" reporter noted that the clock is Ansheng during the period from February 1st to February 17th wantonly rush to raise the cultural landscape, the purchase price in the range of 11.975 yuan per share ~22.837 shares. To the average price of 17.4 yuan to calculate, Zhong Ansheng spent 190 million yuan. Interestingly, the clock Ansheng began "shopping spree" time is the cultural landscape from the bottom of the rebound node. Previously, because of the restructuring plan was not, the transfer of major shareholder equity loss, landscape culture in January 19th after the resumption of the stock price fell sharply, from 18.32 yuan fell to the lowest 10.61 yuan, down 42%. Then, in January 29th, the landscape culture ushered in the first rebound after the crash. Also in the next trading day, Zhong Ansheng began to buy stocks wantonly, after the landscape culture share price rose from 11.42 yuan to 22.22 yuan before the suspension, up 94.57%. What’s interesting is that in February 15th, the landscape culture also announced that there was no significant information that should be disclosed but not disclosed. This also shows that the bell was finally reached the line in February 17th. Why the bell did not disclose relevant information in time after reaching the placards line? Zhong Ansheng explained that this is because she did not calculate the proportion of shares purchased and the total share capital before the purchase of landscape culture. Until the cultural landscape in February 18th received SSE regulatory letter, Zhong Ansheng aware of the purchase of the shares has exceeded 5%. However, Zhong Ansheng added that in the next 12 months, she will be able to increase or reduce the relevant shares based on market conditions and relevant regulations. "Daily economic news" reporter noted that, according to the existing "Securities Law" forty-seven provisions, hold more than 5% of the shareholders of the shares held by the purchase within six months to sell, otherwise the proceeds will be owned by the company. This means that in the case does not constitute a short-term trading, if the clock Ansheng want cash holdings, then in time to wait for six months, until August of this year before the sale of

神秘自然人抄底山水文化忘举牌 称因未计算持股比例 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   ◎每经记者 胥帅   因存在未及时披露自然人举牌等问题,山水文化(600234,前收盘价22.22元)于近日收到上证所一纸监管函。今日(2月23日),山水文化公告回应称,未及时披露的原因是举牌方钟安升在购买前未计算持股比例。值得一提的是,钟安升的增持算得上股价飞升的推进器,恰好是在她买入之后,山水文化股价从暴跌迅速切换为暴涨,半个月内区间涨幅已高达94.57%。   抄底后股价一路暴涨    山水文化发布的权益变动公告显示,此前钟安升并未持有上市公司股份,本次权益变动后,钟安升持有山水文化1103万股,占山水文化总股本的5.45%。《每日经济新闻》记者注意到,钟安升是在2月1日至2月17日期间大肆抢筹山水文化,其买入价格区间在11.975元 股~22.837元 股。以均价17.4元 股来算,钟安升耗资1.9亿元。有意思的是,钟安升开始“扫货”的时间正是山水文化从底部反弹的节点。   此前因重组预案被否、大股东股权转让泡汤,山水文化在1月19日复牌后股价大肆补跌,从18.32元一路跌至最低的10.61元,下跌幅度高达42%。随后在1月29日,山水文化迎来暴跌后的首个反弹。也就在次一个交易日,钟安升开始大肆购买股票,之后山水文化股价从11.42元一路上涨至停牌前的22.22元,上涨幅度高达94.57%。有意思的是,2月15日,山水文化还在异动公告称公司不存在应披露而未披露的重大信息。这也表明钟安升是在2月17日才最终达到举牌线的。   为何钟安升在达到举牌线后未及时披露相关信息?钟安升解释称,这是由于她在购买山水文化之前并未计算所购股份与总股本之间的比例关系。直到山水文化于2月18日收到上证所监管函之前,钟安升都未知晓所购股份已经超过5%。不过钟安升补充提到,在未来12个月她将依据市场情况和有关规定,有可能增持或减持相关股份。   《每日经济新闻》记者注意到,根据现有《证券法》四十七条规定,持有5%以上股东将其持有的股票在买入后六个月内卖出,否则所得收益将归该公司所有。这意味着在不构成短线交易的情况下,若钟安升想要减持套现,那么在时间上也要等满半年,到今年8月之后方能开卖。   举牌方无一致行动人    根据目前山水文化的持股比例,公司第一大股东黄国忠持有9.88%股份,第二大股东北京六合逢春文化持有8.94%股份。而本次权益变动后,钟安升将持有5.45%股份成为公司第三大股东,持股比例逼近第一、第二大股东。这不禁让人联想,钟安升是否有可能通过一致行动人关系成为山水文化第一股东呢?   上证所此前发的监管函中曾提到,近期山水文化前十大股东发生重大变动,其中有6名自然人股东存在集中交易,净买入金额巨大。上证所要求核实上述6名自然人股东是否存在一致行动关系。而钟安升在公告中率先撇清了这一层关系,表示在购买过程中并无一致行动人。这意味着钟安升不仅与第一、第二大股东不存在一致行动人关系,同时也并未与其余5名自然人股东达成一致行动人。   在资本市场上,“野蛮人”举牌的行为总是神秘,难以揣测其“进门”后的目的。针对山水文化这家股权比例较为分散的公司,她表示主要是因为对上市公司未来前景的看好,无控制意图。   值得一提的是,钟安升的住所位于广东省深圳市福田区百花四路。较早之前,《每日经济新闻》记者曾在《上证所再问山水文化神秘自然人举牌未披露》报道中提及,龙虎榜数据显示抢筹主力正是来自于深圳,而这恰好与方钟安升的居住地一致。同时还提到此前新鸿鹄科技控股股东邓俊杰欲通过定增谋得山水文化实控人地位,不过该预案遭董事会否决。有意思的是,根据资料显示,邓俊杰也是住所位于深圳的自然人。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Laolai fraudulent use of identity card check results were police found a problem-whereisip

Laolai fraudulent use of identity by the police found the boarding a problem before 9 pm, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport security, security team suddenly stopped. Security officer asked the front passenger Yao: "is this identity card yours?"" Mr. Yao said firmly, "of course it is me.". But the security inspectors don’t think it’s right. The photos on the ID card are a little different from Mr. Yao himself. So he took Mr. Yao to the police station. Police found that Yao’s identity card on the census register is Zhejiang, Anji, coincidentally, the police are also Anji people. So the police asked him in the Anji Dialect: "where is your home in Anji?"" Mr. Yao to hold a large red face, say anything. In the end, Yao admitted that his ID card was borrowed. Mr. Yao is actually surnamed Wen, Zhejiang Huzhou people. After verification, Wen himself is a businessman, because of economic disputes by the court as a co – control object. Wen knew he was prosecuted, may be limited everywhere, so borrowed Id want to flee. After the fraudulent use of identity failure, Wen said to the police: "I’d better go back and get the money back."." At present, Wen has been handed over to Deqing court for disposal.

老赖冒用身份证登机 结果被民警一个问题识破前天晚上9点左右,杭州萧山国际机场安检口,安检的队伍突然停了下来。安检工作人员问眼前的旅客姚先生:“这身份证是你本人的吗?”姚先生很坚定地说这当然是本人。可是安检人员怎么看都觉得不对。身份证上的照片跟姚先生本人差别实在有点大。于是把姚先生带到了派出所。民警发现姚先生的身份证上户籍是浙江安吉,恰巧民警也是安吉人。于是民警用安吉话问他:“你家是安吉哪里的?”姚先生憋了一张大红脸,半天说不出话。最终姚先生承认身份证是借来的。姚先生其实姓文,浙江湖州人。经核查,文某本身是一名商人,因经济纠纷被法院定为协控对象。文某知道自己被起诉,可能会处处受限,所以借来身份证想出逃。冒用身份失败后,文某对民警说:“我还是赶紧回去把钱还掉吧。”目前,文某已移交德清法院处置。相关的主题文章:

The United States interest rates unchanged at closing up 270 points in Hong

The United States interest rates unchanged at Hong Kong stocks rose 270 points received hot column capital flows thousand thousand shares of stock on the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future? Sina Hong Kong stocks launched "Hong Kong stocks are not attractive" big discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome to pay attention to Hong Kong stocks, people concerned about the capital market, together with Hong Kong stocks for advice and suggestions, and conspiracy of Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. The Fed announced no interest rate hike this morning, and hinted at raising interest rates only once this year, eliminating investors’ concerns about the sharp hike in the Federal Reserve in the short term. The stock mania started again, and the Hong Kong stocks continued to expand to close to 400 points after opening 251 points earlier this morning, but investors felt a sense of high altitude, which dragged the Hong Kong stocks down to less than 300 points before the midday market closed. Hang Seng Index closed at 23940 points, up 270 points, turnover of 47 billion 206 million yuan; state-owned enterprises index closed at 9987 points, up 138 points. The Fed did not raise interest rates, the real estate stocks sought after, can be said to be expected, Henderson real estate (00012-HK), letter and real estate (00083-HK) and yesterday afternoon announced the annual performance of the new world development (00017-HK) were recorded about 1% increase. Real estate stocks can record an increase, and the elimination of a sharp increase in interest rates in the short term, the new site sales situation can maintain a prosperous. In fact, since the beginning of July, Hongkong new disc sales turned hot, the Sun Hung Kai (00016-HK) had launched the new plate sales, prompting investors to change the real estate stocks prospects. However, real estate stocks have accumulated a considerable increase, some analysts have appealed to investors not to chase, so investors should consider more before investing in real estate stocks. But not all investors focus this morning is concentrated in the real estate stocks on the body, get Mobile Games shares are also favored by investors, which earlier announced the acquisition of Finland Mobile Games company Supercell Holdings Tencent (00700-HK), this morning was 215.8 yuan Takami, IGG (00799-HK) once hit a new high for a year. Why hand travel stocks can be sought after by investors? This is the top of the list of Supercell games. Blue chip stocks were also sought after by investors this morning. 02689-HK, which had announced its full year performance on Wednesday, has won a number of big hits after its announcement. Citigroup and BofA Merrill Lynch raised nine paper target prices, and nine paper shares were up nearly 9% this morning. But when nine paper announced interim results at the beginning of this year, its performance has been better than expected, in theory, nine paper performance has better performance, already within the investor expectations. It is necessary for investors to make a more detailed interpretation of the performance of nine paper when they chase the goods again this morning. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

美国息口不变 港股午收上升270点 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 新浪港股APP:实时行情 独家内参   港股还值不值得投资?出现了什么问题?未来出路在哪里?新浪港股发起“港股还有没有吸引力”大讨论,以理性、建设性的态度,欢迎关注港股、关注资本市场的人士,一起为港股建言献策,共谋港股市场的明天。来稿请至hkstock_biz@sina 。   联储局在今晨宣布不加息,并在暗示在今年内只加息一次,消除了投资者对联储局于短期内采取急剧加息步伐的忧虑。股市的狂热派对再开始,当中港股在今早高开251点后,升幅持续扩大至接近400点,可是投资者有高处不胜寒之感,拖累港股于午市收市前,升幅收窄至不足300点。   恒生指数中午收市报23940点,升270点,成交额为472.06亿元;国企指数收市报9987点,升138点。   联储局不加息,地产股受追捧可以说是预期之内,恒基地产(00012-HK)、信和置业(00083-HK)及昨午已公布全年业绩的新世界发展(00017-HK)均录得约1%升幅。地产股能够录得升幅,与消除了短期内大幅加息忧虑后,新盘销情能够保持畅旺有关。事实上自从踏入7月份,香港新盘销情转趋炽热,其中新鸿基地产(00016-HK)推出的新盘销情报捷,促使投资者对地产股前景改观。不过地产股已累计相当升幅,有分析员已经呼吁投资者切勿高追,所以投资者在考虑投资地产股前,要多加考虑。   不过今早投资者的焦点并非全是集中在地产股身上,手游股亦获得投资者垂青,其中在早前已宣布收购芬兰手游公司Supercell的腾讯控股(00700-HK),今早曾高见215.8元,IGG(00799-HK)更一度创下一年新高。为何手游股可获得投资者追捧?这与Supercell多只游戏在下载榜上名列前茅有关。   绩优股在今早亦见投资者追捧,在周三已公布全年业绩的玖龙纸业(02689-HK)在业绩公布后获得多间大行唱好,花旗、美银美林均上调玖纸目标价,玖纸股价今早明显抽升近9%。但是玖纸在今年年初公布中期业绩时,其业绩已是优于预期,理论上玖纸业绩有较佳表现,已属投资者预期之内。投资者今早再追货时,实有必要对玖纸业绩作出更详细解读。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

The central bank substantially liberalized foreign institutions into the bond market – Sohu Finance-kamikaze love

The central bank substantially liberalized foreign institutions into the bond market – Sohu finance Beijing daily news (reporter Cui Qibin, Cheng Weimiao, Liu Shuangxia) China’s bond market opening up is constantly accelerating. Yesterday, the central bank announced that the introduction of more qualified foreign institutional investors, encourage foreign institutional investors as long-term investors to invest in inter bank bond market, while the abolition of the quota limit for foreign institutions. The central bank basically liberalized all types of foreign machine related companies stock movements access. The central bank announcement shows that the investment products issued by all kinds of financial institutions registered abroad, as well as other medium and long-term institutional investors approved by the central bank, such as pension funds, charitable funds and donation funds, can invest in the inter-bank bond market. As early as August 2010, the central bank allowed three kinds of institutions, such as overseas RMB clearing bank, to use RMB to invest in inter bank bond market. The relevant regulations issued by CSRC and other departments in 2012 issued by qualified foreign institutional investors (QFII) indicate that QFII can invest in the inter-bank bond market within the approved amount of investment. At the same time, at the end of April 2015, the central bank approved by HSBC, Morgan Stanley and French bank of Paris more than 30 overseas financial institutions to enter the inter-bank market. Just 3 months later, the central bank, the international financial organizations and the sovereign wealth funds and other institutions limited the scope and scope of investment, and changed the audit system to the filing system. And the overseas banks, insurance, securities, fund companies approved admission, overseas investment institutions basically liberalized. According to public information, by the end of 2015, there were 292 foreign central banks, sovereign financial funds and other foreign institutions into the interbank market. It is worth noting that the central bank also cancelled the quota limit for the long-term and long-term institutional investors to invest in inter bank bond markets, and simplified the management process. The central bank released the day before the work of the paper pointed out that the problems of China’s treasury bonds have structural defects, excessive regulation of the derivatives market, investors access is underdeveloped and the marketization of commercial banks lack of pricing power, these problems caused by short-term interest rates in China through the transmission efficiency of the bond market than in many countries is weak, so the proposed relaxation of foreign institutions to enter the bank bond market restrictions on foreign investors to open bond market to accelerate the pace, improve QFII and RMB qualified foreign institutional investors (RQFII) limit. In his speech on the budget, Ceng Junhua, the financial secretary of Hongkong, will continue to discuss with the mainland the channels to expand the two-way circulation of cross-border RMB, and will strive to increase the amount of investment in the RQFII plan. And a series of release and expansion of the channel also led to a significant increase in investment. The data released by the State Administration of justice showed that as of February 23, 2016, 158 RQFII had been approved, with a total investment of 471 billion 425 million yuan, an increase of 1 billion 600 million yuan compared with the end of 2016 in 1. QFII has 279, total approval of 80 billion 795 million dollars of investment quota, with the end of 2016 1 flat. For the central bank’s move, the Pacific Securities analyst believes that the central bank intends to expand the inter-bank bond market, the implementation of direct financing, plus)

央行大幅度放开境外机构入债市-搜狐财经   北京商报讯 (记者 崔启斌 程维妙 刘双霞)我国债券市场对外开放正不断提速。昨日,央行发布公告称,要引入更多符合条件的境外机构投资者,鼓励境外机构投资者作为中长期投资者投资银行间债券市场,同时对境外机构取消额度限制。  央行此次基本放开所有类型的境外机 相关公司股票走势 构准入。央行公告表明,境外依法注册成立的各类金融机构发行的投资产品,以及养老基金、慈善基金、捐赠基金等央行认可的其他中长期机构投资者,均可投资银行间债券市场。  早在2010年8月央行允许境外人民币清算行等三类机构运用人民币投资银行间债券市场。而证监会等部门在2012年发布的合格境外机构投资者(QFII)相关规定表示,在批准投资额度内,QFII可以投资银行间债券市场。同时,在2015年4月底,央行批准汇丰、摩根士丹利和法国巴黎银行等30余家境外金融机构进入银行间市场。短短3个月后,又全部放开境外央行、国际金融组织和主权财富基金等机构的额度限制和投资范围,并将审核制改为备案制。而此次境外银行、保险、证券、基金公司等获批入场,境外投资机构基本全部放开。  据公开资料显示,截至2015年末,已经有292家境外央行主权财务基金等境外机构进入银行间市场。  值得注意的是,央行同时取消了中长期机构投资者投资银行间债市的额度限制,并简化了管理流程。央行日前发布的工作论文指出,我国国债发行存在结构缺陷、对投资者准入的过度管制、衍生品市场不发达、商业银行市场化定价能力缺失等问题,这些问题造成我国短期利率通过债券市场的传导效率比许多国家偏弱,因此建议放宽境外机构进入银行间债券市场的限制,加快对境外投资者开放债券市场的步伐,提高QFII与人民币合格境外机构投资者(RQFII)的额度。  香港财政司司长曾俊华在预算案讲话中也提出,会继续与内地探讨扩大跨境人民币双向流通的渠道,并将争取增加RQFII计划投资额度。而此前的一系列放行和扩渠也带动了投资额的显著上升。国家外管局昨日公布的数据显示,截至2016年2月23日,已批准158家RQFII,累计获得可投资总额4714.25亿元,较2016年1月末增加16亿元。QFII有279家,合计批准807.95亿美元的投资额度,与2016年1月末持平。  对于央行此举,太平洋证券相关分析师认为,央行意在扩大银行间债券市场,推行直接融资,并加速人民币国际化。  另有分析人士直言,我国债市如果能吸引更多境外投资者前来投资,将有助于国际资本均衡流动,减少外汇储备消耗。  作者:崔启斌 程维妙 刘双霞来源北京商报)相关的主题文章:

Societe Generale sample of financial haze group force Green Finance-winbook

The financial governance haze of industrial sample: Army force of green financial governance haze of "industrial samples": the "army" of force of green finance in the north into the self heating season, the haze weather in most areas is more people lament: only as the shadow follows the form, such as wind! In fact, the main reason for the haze in northern cities, in addition to atmospheric diffusion conditions unfavorable, environmental protection of central heating facilities is imminent. As China’s first equatorial bank, Societe Generale has always been a step forward in the field of green finance". The bank recently held in Shenyang "the charm of blue sky, green industrial – Industrial Bank to support the central heating Cooperation Fair, and Shenyang City Public Group Limited, Xianyang Natural Gas Corporation and a number of central heating enterprises signed a strategic cooperation agreement between banks, to support the implementation of the" Green City North heating "upgrade, to reduce air pollution discharge. Haze governance is a long-term and arduous work, how to make green financial products and services closer to the heating market, close to customers, support local energy conservation and emission reduction, and promote the development of regional energy conservation and environmental protection industry, is the key proposition we consider." Fang Zhiyong, general manager of Environmental Finance Department of Industrial Bank, said at the meeting. Currently, China’s air pollution situation is grim, haze frequent outbreaks, with respirable particulate matter, fine particulate matter (PM2.5) as the characteristics of pollutants in the regional atmospheric environmental problems have become increasingly prominent. Atmospheric governance as one of the important points of national environmental governance, policy planning is also intensive, the new air pollution law was formally implemented in January 1st this year. Tighter supervision, standard promotion, social participation and payment in effect become the "new normal" of environmental protection industry". Central heating industry as an important part of atmospheric governance, related to winter in northern China "respiratory problems"". In recent years, the concentration degree of heating industry has been continuously improved, and the integration speed of regional heating enterprises has been speeding up. The central heating enterprises usually have heavy heating and pipeline laying task, the large amount of assets, the external rating is better, enterprise financing cost is higher, at the same time, most of the investment projects involving heating equipment and pipe network investment, financial alternative financing and revitalize the heating project assets and other financial demand increasing. "We urgently need a set of green financial solutions covering debt financing, mergers and acquisitions, financial leasing, asset securitization and so on." Participants of a heating company in North China, said the person in charge. The financial needs of heating enterprises in different regions are different, so it is necessary to meet the needs of enterprises with integrated and personalized programs. At present, our bank has become a small number of financial licenses complete banking group, the ability to achieve ‘private custom’. At the end of last year, we also issued marketing guidelines for central heating projects to provide multi-level and comprehensive financial support for the heating industry." Fang Zhiyong disclosed that the Industrial Bank has formed a green financial products service system including ten general products, seven special products, five types of financing mode and seven solutions. For example, in the field of heating, financing tools, in addition to the rational use of traditional credit tools at the same time, the bank also discussed

金融治霾的兴业样本:集团军发力绿色金融   金融治霾的“兴业样本”: “集团军”发力绿色金融   自我国北方进入供暖季后,大部分地区雾霾天气更是如影随形,人们慨叹:只有等风来!事实上,究其北方城市雾霾主因,除了大气扩散条件不利外,集中供暖设施的环保改造迫在眉睫。   作为中国首家赤道银行,兴业银行在绿色金融领域向来“先人一步”。近日该行在沈阳举行“魅力蓝天、绿色兴业――兴业银行支持集中供热合作洽谈会”,与沈阳城市公用集团有限公司、咸阳市天然气总公司等多家集中供热龙头企业签署银企战略合作协议,支持北方城市实施“绿色供热”升级,减少大气污染排放。   “雾霾治理是一项长期而艰巨的工作,如何使绿色金融产品和服务更加贴近供热市场、贴近客户,支持地方节能减排,促进区域节能环保产业发展,是我们思考的重点命题。”兴业银行环境金融部总经理方智勇在会上表示。   定制集中供热行业绿色解决方案   当前,我国大气污染形势严峻,雾霾频繁爆发,以可吸入颗粒物、细颗粒物(PM2.5)为特征污染物的区域性大气环境问题日益突出。   大气治理作为国家环保治理重要着力点之一,政策规划也密集出台,新《大气污染法》于今年1月1日正式施行。监管趋严、标准提升、社会参与、依效果付费成为环保产业的“新常态”。   集中供热行业作为大气治理的重要组成部分,关乎我国北方地区冬季“呼吸问题”。近年来,供热行业集中度不断提升,区域供热企业的整合速度不断加快。各地集中供热龙头企业通常会背负较沉重的供热和管网铺设任务,资产体量较大,外部评级较好,企业对融资成本要求也较高,同时,大部分投资项目涉及供热设备和管网投资,融物替代融资、盘活供热项目资产等金融需求不断增加。   “我们迫切需要涵盖债务融资、并购融资、金融租赁、资产证券化等在内的一整套绿色金融解决方案。”参会的华北某供热公司负责人表示。   “不同地域供热企业的金融需求各异,所以需要以综合化、个性化方案来满足企业需求。目前我行已成为国内少数金融牌照齐全的银行集团,有能力实现‘私人定制’。去年末我们还专门下发了集中供热项目的营销指引,为供热行业提供多层次、全方位的金融支持。”方智勇披露,兴业银行目前已形成包括十项通用产品、七大特色产品、五类融资模式及七种解决方案的绿色金融产品服务体系。   比如,针对供热领域,在融资工具方面,除了合理运用传统信贷工具的同时,该行还积极通过租赁、信托、债务融资工具等多元化融资产品,充分发挥兴业银行综合化、集团化优势,为供热客户提供多元化融资服务。在筹资工具方面,通过绿色信贷资产证券化、绿色金融债等创新工具丰富资金来源。   如今,兴业银已将绿色金融列为集团七大战略核心业务群之一,加强协同联动,实现从“绿色银行”到“绿色金融集团”的跨越:各业务条线、各集团成员成立相应的环境金融业务专业支持团队,统筹协调环境金融业务开展,对重点客户、项目,由总行环境金融部牵头组织跨部门、跨集团成员的联动营销,并逐渐构建起涵盖绿色融资、绿色租赁、绿色信托、绿色基金等在内的绿色金融产品服务体系。   五年后绿色融资余额将破万亿   治霾的根本路径在于推进经济绿色低碳发展,而我国绿色经济转型需要巨额资金来源。   作为国内绿色金融领头羊,近年来兴业银行持续加大对水资源保护与利用、大气治理、固废处理等领域的金融支持。2015年,兴业银行专项配置了150亿元绿色金融贷款规模,并配置专项风险资产支持各分行优先投放环保项目融资。   该行还积极创新绿色金融筹资方式,扩大资金来源。今年1月6日,成功发行了国内首单绿色信贷资产支持证券,总金额26.457亿元,加速信贷资产周转、腾挪资产规模,支持新的绿色金融项目投放。   1月28日,兴业银行落地境内首单100亿元绿色金融债,创下同评级、同期限商业银行金融债券价格发行新低,开启国内绿色金融债发行先河。据了解,该行此次绿色金融债券募集资金将专项用于《绿色债券支持项目目录》所界定的绿色产业项目,如节能、清洁交通、清洁能源、资源节约与循环利用、污染防治等,并且对节约标煤、二氧化碳减排类项目要求至少减排10%以上;对其他主要污染物减排类项目,排放指标要求至少达到行业先进值以上。   “随着国内绿色金融体系顶层设计的明晰,未来几年将迎来绿色金融发展的黄金期。”央行研究局首席经济学家马骏在兴业银行集团绿色金融产品体系发布研讨会上透露。   截至2015年末,兴业银行已累计为6030家企业提供绿色金融融资8046.34亿元,绿色金融融资余额达3941.95亿元。据测算,兴业银行环境金融支持的项目可实现每年节约标准煤2553.86万吨,年减排二氧化碳7161.99万吨。   未来五年,兴业银行还提出了“两个不低于”、“两个一万”的业务发展目标,即集团绿色金融业务的增长速度不低于全行的平均增长速度,增长量不低于上年增长量;五年以后,集团层面绿色金融业务实现融资余额突破一万亿元,服务绿色金融客户数(项目数)突破一万户。   “未来我行绿色金融业务将继续走专业化经营、集团化发展、持续创新发展之路,并努力形成覆盖全国、衔接境内外的服务网络,提高综合服务能力。”方智勇表示。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Guangdong home court victory ending familiar with foreign aid for a new exercise – Sports –

Guangdong’s home win ended   training newcomers, familiar with foreign aid for the playoffs to prepare – Sports – People’s original title: Hongyuan regular season home win victory, Yi Jianlian layup in the game. Guangzhou Daily reporter Liao Yi took the last home game of Guangdong Hongyuan in the regular season of the season to win a big victory. 112 to 85, the Guangdong team defeated visiting Jiangsu Xi, and their last two regular matches will be away from home. There are two rounds of the end of the league, the situation is not entirely clear, the team now to do is to further exercise young players; and foreign aid Carter is also gradually integrated into the team. 23 seconds left in the game, the noble cleverly put the ball high into the basket, Li Yuanyu got the ball, jump up to dunk — is likely to play for a while, the body has not heat up, he took the ball in the basket, the ball flew to the side. Li Yuanyu was a little upset, and coach Du Feng nodded to him on the sidelines, and clapped his hands and said, "good, good shot."." Maybe this is Du Feng’s epitome of encouraging young players. This game Hongyuan in the second quarter played half, in 38 to 37 only lead 1 points, hit a wave of 18 to 6, suddenly opened the score, Xi Xi since then has not had the opportunity to close the score. The fourth section just played 4 minutes, Du Feng was replaced by Dong Hanlin, foreign aid Diogo, Ren Junfei, Zhao Tianyi, Yang Jinmeng and other young noble, to play the whole class, then use the rotation, as well as Zhou Zhandong and Li Yuanyu these young players, giving them adequate training opportunities. Noble in Section 4, just as into a place where there is no one within 5 minutes, he was 10; and Yang Jinmeng and Zhao Tianyi both this year was put on a play for the young team, also have their own highlights. "We were all focused, defensively good, and the first half was just more than 40 points, so we could play more for younger players according to the plan." Du Feng said, "the regular race is over, and it gives young players more opportunities to feel the game and prepare for the playoffs." Foreign aid Carter getting better complete their second game tonight CBA Justin? Carter, more than a ball has more state. In his possession, have been more familiar with his teammates and the team’s tactics, he even reminded his teammates paowei. Hongyuan start suffered a scoring drought, Yi Jianlian, Zhou Zhandong and noble on the perimeter of the breakthrough was not successful; and Carter scored the team’s first 8 points, he is the first in the periphery of Tongxi into a "2+1", then input a network easily; when Zhou Zhandong put the ball when he reached his hand, the hand is a 3 pointers. "I’m more comfortable today, really." Carter said, "we’re playing better today, whether it’s a match or a quick attack. It feels great." This game, he scored 19 points, 7 rebounds, and the outstanding jumping ability of foreign aid, but will also make no reply to dunk, sent 8 assists. In February 3rd, Guangdong Hongyuan will challenge Foshan team on the away road. 广东主场大胜收官 锻炼新人熟悉外援为季后赛作准备–体育–人民网 原标题:宏远常规赛主场大胜收官   易建联在比赛中上篮。广州日报记者 廖艺 摄   广东宏远这个赛季常规赛的最后一个主场,以大胜收官。112比85,广东队战胜来访的江苏同曦,而他们最后两场常规赛将都是客场作战。还有两轮结束的联赛,形势还没算完全明朗,球队现在要做的,是进一步锻炼年轻球员;而外援卡特也在逐渐融入球队。   比赛还剩23秒时,高尚巧妙地把球高高传进篮下,李原宇拿到球,跳起来就要扣篮――可能是才上场一会儿,身体还没热起来,他竟然把这个球扣在了篮筐上,球弹飞到了一边。李原宇显得有些懊恼,而主帅杜锋在场边向他点点头,然后鼓掌说:“好球好球。”   也许这是杜锋对于年轻球员鼓励态度的一个缩影。这场比赛宏远在第2节打了一半的时候,在38比37仅领先1分的情况下,一下打了一波18比6,陡然拉开比分,同曦此后也一直没有机会把比分追近。   第4节刚打了4分钟,杜锋就换下外援迪奥古,由董瀚麟、任骏飞、高尚、赵天熠、杨金蒙等小将来打全华班,随后使用的轮换阵容,也是以周湛东和李原宇这些年轻球员为主,给他们充分锻炼的机会。   高尚在第4节的表现,简直如入无人之境,他在5分钟之内连得10分;而杨金蒙和赵天熠这两名今年才被提上一队打球的小将,也有自己的亮点。   “大家自始至终也打得很专注,防守端表现不错,上半场只让对方拿到了40多分,这样我们就能按照既定计划,给年轻球员更多的上场机会。”杜锋说,“常规赛马上就结束了,也给年轻队员更多的机会去感受比赛,为季后赛做准备。”   外援卡特渐入佳境   今晚完成自己CBA第二场比赛的贾斯汀?卡特,显得比上一场球更具有状态。他在持球时,已更加熟悉自己的队友和球队的战术了,他甚至还会提醒队友跑位。   宏远开局时遭遇了得分荒,易建联、周湛东和高尚在外线的突破都没能成功;而卡特包办了球队的前8分,他先是在同曦的外围打成了一次“2+1”,然后又是轻松的一记中投入网;当周湛东把球传到他的手里时,他抬手就是一记3分球。   “今天我打得更舒服了,真的。”卡特说,“今天我们打得更加顺畅,无论是配合还是快攻。这种感觉很棒。”这场比赛,他全场拿到了19分、7个篮板球,而且这个弹跳力出众的外援,除了会扣篮,还不声不响地送出了8次助攻。   2月3日,广东宏远将在客场挑战佛山队。   广州日报记者   黄维   CBA第36轮战报   (12-24)北控 120∶126 新疆(28-8)   (21-15)浙江 93∶81 八一(7-29)   (26-10)广东 112∶85 同曦(11-25)   (10-26)吉林 132∶128 天津(8-28)   (18-18)江苏 104∶106 四川(28-8)   (29-7)辽宁 109∶93 深圳(17-19)   (16-20)青岛 151∶148 佛山(6-30)   (18-18)山西 113∶95 广厦(25-11)   (16-20)上海 97∶111 山东(27-9)   (22-14)北京 118∶111 福建(15-21)   这一轮结束后,8支季后赛球队已全部出炉,他们是辽宁、新疆、四川、山东、广东、广厦、北京和浙江。然而在最后2轮中,这8支球队的排名情况还将有不小的变数,在下一轮比赛进行后,也许局势会明朗一些。广东队接下来将对阵佛山和福建,现在和第4名的山东只差一个胜场,现在广东依然有机会争取上升一位,以在季后赛谋求多一个主场的优势。相关的主题文章:

The United States intelligence chief North Korea’s nuclear program and the Islamic state is a

The United States intelligence chief: North Korea’s nuclear program and the Islamic state is a mortal malady Huitong news network February 10th, director of national intelligence said the United States on February 9th, North Korea’s expansion of the Yongbyon uranium enrichment facility and has to restart the plutonium reactor, and is developing portable long-range missiles with nuclear warheads. Clapper presented the assessment report on the major security threats facing the United States at the hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee of the United States senate. He said that North Korea announced in 2013 that it would ", renovate and restart " nuclear facilities, including uranium enrichment facilities at Yongbyon and the plutonium reactor closed in 2007. Today, plutonium reactors have been restarted for a long time and may be " in " weeks or months; plutonium production begins. Clapper said that North Korea is developing long-range missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads, which will be able to pose a direct threat to the security of the United States, but the missile system has not yet been tested. In response to North Korea’s recent nuclear test and ballistic missile technology launch, clapper said it would continue to pose a serious threat to the interests of the United States and the security environment in East Asia this year. In addition, clapper pointed out that extremist organizations "Islamic state" decided to attack the United States this year. In addition to foreign terrorists, American extremists have become one of the most urgent security threats facing the United States in the 2016. The six party talks on North Korea’s nuclear issue prompted the DPRK to announce the closure of Yongbyon nuclear facilities in July 2007. In April 2013, the Korean atomic energy authority decided to adjust and change the use of existing nuclear facilities, including refurbishment and start of the Yongbyon 5 MW graphite moderated reactor. Last September 15th, the North Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute said that all nuclear facilities in Yongbyon had begun to function normally. Under the circumstances of weakening global economic situation and financial turmoil, the situation in East Asia is once more serious, the threat of terrorist attacks is rising further, and so on, which further worsens the worsening economic environment. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

美国情报头子:朝鲜核计划与“伊斯兰国”皆是心腹大患   汇通网2月10日讯——美国国家情报总监克拉珀美国时间2月9日称,朝鲜扩建了宁边的铀浓缩设施并已重启钚反应堆,同时正在研制可携带核弹头的远程导弹。   克拉珀当天在美国国会参议院军事委员会举行的听证会上就美国面临的主要安全威胁提交评估报告。他说,朝鲜曾在2013年宣布将"整修并重启"核设施,这包括位于宁边的铀浓缩设施和于2007年关闭的钚反应堆。如今,钚反应堆已重启多时,并可能在"数周或数月内"开始生产钚。   克拉珀还说,朝鲜正在研制可携带核弹头的远程导弹,这将有能力对美国的安全造成“直接威胁”,但这一导弹系统尚未进行试射。   针对朝鲜近期的核试验和利用弹道导弹技术从事发射活动,克拉珀表示,这对美国的利益和今年东亚地区的安全环境将继续造成严重威胁。   此外,克拉珀指出,极端组织“伊斯兰国”决定今年向美国本土发动袭击。除境外恐怖分子,美国本土的极端分子也已成为2016年美国面临的最紧迫的安全威胁之一。   朝核问题六方会谈促成朝鲜2007年7月宣布关闭宁边核设施。2013年4月,朝鲜原子能总局决定调整和变更现有核设施用途,包括重新整修和启动宁边5兆瓦石墨减速反应堆。去年9月15日,朝鲜原子能研究院表示,宁边所有核设施已开始正常运转。   在全球经济形势走弱、金融动荡的大环境下,东亚地区形势再度严峻,恐怖袭击威胁进一步上升等等因素或进一步对本已恶化的经济环境雪上加霜。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: