Large shareholder pressure salesforce do not buy twitter jiuyaogan

Salesforce: don’t put pressure on the transfer of large shareholders to buy Twitter Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff of Sina Technology News Beijing time on October 8th morning news, recent news that Salesforce plans to acquire Twitter. However, according to the New York Times reported that from two weeks ago, investors have put pressure on the Marc CEO Mark Benioff (Salesforce) on the deal. In September 23rd, after the acquisition of Salesforce Twitter news exposure, as the company’s shareholders of Wall Street hedge funds and public funds began to question the reasonableness of the transaction. Obviously, shareholders do not like the deal. Investors have expressed their dissatisfaction with Benioff. In e-mail and other forms of communication, shareholders of Benioff and Salesforce’s public relations team said they do not support the acquisition of Twitter. This action led by the public fund giant fidelity. Fidelity is the Salesforce’s largest shareholder, the shareholding ratio of 14%. The sources said that at least a fidelity fund manager sent a letter to Salesforce said the deal is not a good idea. Salesforce’s other investors, including some hedge funds, said it would sell Salesforce shares. Benioff held an investor meeting in San Francisco on Wednesday. He reassured investors and defended the company for any possible deal. He said: "I read all of your comments, you may already know. I also read your mail and get all the information. This is the first important thing in my heart. In some cases, we are very surprised that we need to start again." (Zhang Fan)相关的主题文章:

Close U.S. stocks closed higher Tuesday data and promote debate results

Close: U.S. stocks closed higher Tuesday data and debate results pushing the stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants to view the latest market stocks Sina News 28 am Beijing time, U.S. stocks closed higher Tuesday, presidential debate results and some better than expected economic reports the market support. Est at 16:00 on September 27th (Beijing time at 04:00 on September 28th), the Dow rose 133.47 points, at 18228.30 points, or 0.74%; P index rose 13.83 points, at 2159.93 points, or 0.64%; the NASDAQ rose 48.22 points, at 5305.71 points, or 0.92%. By Microsoft (MSFT), Google’s parent company Alphabet (GOOG) and other heavyweights rose to promote the technology sector rose and pushed up the market. But the fall in oil prices so that U.S. stocks rose by the limit. On Tuesday, crude oil futures prices fell nearly 3%, after Iran and Saudi Arabia are that the little hope of meeting this week, the producers will reach an agreement to limit production. Both countries said Wednesday’s meeting in Algeria would be "consultative"". After the presidential debate on Monday night, the U.S. stock index futures rose, because the market believes that Trump has greater predictability. Themis Trading, executive director of Mark kapner (Mark Kepner) said: "obviously, Hilary in the debate of excellence to promote the stock index futures rose, but soon returned to the market of the European stock market and Deutsche Bank worries. Germany’s DAX index has fallen by more than 1%, negative sentiment is spreading." Kepner said: oil prices fell sharply, the same pressure on the market." U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hilary and Republican presidential candidate, a total of three public debate will be held yesterday evening, the first debate is the first of the two people. London – Webb Paul CEO ADS Securities Agency (Paul Webb) said: "even if the last night and not for the high-profile debate both sides bring overwhelming results, but on the November presidential election results have been more clear idea for the market to provide some direction." He said: "the idea of Wall Street is that Hilary is a safer candidate, but given two weeks of debate and campaigning, it will be a huge source of market turmoil in the near future," he said." U.S. stocks fell on Monday, the presidential debates the worries about market depression. At the end of the debate, Accendo Markets pointed out that it is still too early to think that Trump has no chance of winning". Accendo Markets in the research report said: Trump may set a minimum standard for future confrontation. He does have the ability to bounce back, and with this ability, his camp is getting closer and closer to the oval office." On Tuesday, the Mexico Peso rose sharply against the dollar, making it clear that the financial markets have seen Hilary as the 5 last night相关的主题文章:

Parents how to correctly guide the baby to learn to speak mycoolboy

Parents how to correctly guide the baby to learn to speak? [Abstract] from the baby’s first cry, the first time a purr, first call Mom and Dad, the first time to say a complete sentence, children babbling, parents will bring many surprises and excitement. Psychologists believe that humans are born with the ability to acquire language. Children learn language from birth. The ability of humans to learn languages is based on the established biological timeline. We will find that, because of the reasons for individual differences, some children speak earlier, some later, but usually at the age of 2 to 3 years old, with basic expression and dialogue. Montessori put forward that there are two sensitive periods in the development of language. The first sensitive period is from birth to about 3 years old. In the first language sensitive period, the child unconsciously absorbed the language from the surrounding environment. The second sensitive period begins at the age of 3 and lasts until about the age of 8. At this stage, the child is an active participant in the process of language development, learning how to use their communication skills. Here are a few of the main stages of the development of children’s language, in these stages, the parents how to help children develop and learn better language. The first stage: before the acquisition of language: the pre language period (from birth to 10 to 13 months) at this stage children have not yet learned to speak, but has been able to respond quickly to the language. Most children can say the first truly meaningful word after a pre – linguistic period. Parents how to do: and baby exchange. In the process of communicating with the baby, parents should treat the baby as a collaborator. Many babies, such as smiling, cooing, an expression or action, can cause a conversation. Knowing that a child’s parents are able to respond to a child’s behavior by talking to them can help them understand the role of language in communication. Pay attention to the expression and mood. When communicating with a small baby, use a more peaceful, pleasant voice, and often look at them with their eyes, to express their concern for the baby, to stimulate children’s interest in communication. The second stage: the phrase generation stage: once said a word (1 years old to the age of 1 and a half) when the baby began to speak, his vocabulary will continue to grow. At this stage, the baby uses a word to represent a sentence and express what he wants to say. How parents do: to simplify the language. At this stage, when talking to a toddler who is learning a language, it is necessary to simplify the language as much as possible, and use a method that is easy for the baby to understand. For example, compared to the baby to eat a little special delicious banana "," banana "will change into more effectively help babies learn. [Abstract] from the baby’s first cry, the first time a purr, first call Mom and Dad, the first time to say a complete sentence, children babbling, parents will bring many surprises and excitement. The third stage: from a word to a simple sentence (1 years of age to the age of half of the age of this), the child began to speak more than two words composed of simple sentences in the word of the phrase, the phrase: the first stage of the sentence, the children of the first sentence of the word. At the beginning, the sentence can be.相关的主题文章:

Nature in the wild, light foot + hot spring = perfect day tour – Sohu

Nature in the wild, light foot + hot spring = perfect day – Sohu today to nature tourism, has become a trend, tens of thousands of people living in excessive mentally and physically exhausted civilization began to walk into the mountains that is to go home, nature is a necessity, and the Mountains Forest Park Reserve role is not only as a source of wood with the river, it is the source of life. On the first weekend in March, turn off the computer, was filled with the haze to a body strong as iron city life, with a relaxed mood to Ninghai County, Ningbo City, here, I hope to find my outdoor life. No more important than what in short weekend bid farewell to the city life, starting from Ningbo in 1.5 hours, 4.5 hours drive from Shanghai, will be able to change the forest oxygen bar in the lung of Ninghai "". Ninghai in the early March, spring has not been, but people who love the outdoors has of Ninghai National Trails, here is the first in line with the national standard of fitness trails Chinese, outdoor hiking and fitness can be combined to the life, also can realize the modern way of life at home on foot light. Wake up at seven in the morning on Saturday, with the sound of the birds in the mountains, with a good breakfast. And friends about the Ninghai trail with the challenges of the most classic route: azalea mountain entrance – Cuckoo mountain peak – wangshe – – Xu Xilin – wa Yao tou Shan reservoir, the entire 16 km, the highest elevation of 445 meters, the cumulative rise of 517 meters, the cumulative decline of 481 meters. Put on a portable mountaineering equipment, a fresh start. From the hotel to go hiking trails, through the tunnels after suddenly entered another world full of dense fog, the entrance to the mountain trails. Ninghai morning eighteen degree weather with a thin jacket didn’t feel a bit cold, watermelon red color just convenient pictures poser, a light foot can gain so much buddy shooting portrait photos, it is much better than I expected. So the sisters ah, don’t put yourself in high heels dress, quickly put on outdoor portable equipment, together with the embrace of nature. Life in the United States has repeatedly in the outdoor National Park, Yellowstone National Park, North Michigan mountain, wild boar Arch Gate National Park, not only need outdoor equipment in heavy, but also to find the right place for hiking travel over land and water…… But the unique feature of this light foot, you can wear a light and practical and full of fashion colors of outdoor equipment, not far away from the city to complete a walk away. Here, in addition to beautiful scenery, can also taste the flavor of East China: Jungle and brooks, bamboo, tea, pastoral scenery, stone village, reservoir, king, at the foot of the pace did not stop the hands of the shutter according to a stop. In the forest coverage rate reached more than 60% of the land, you can see the woods quickly ran the small squirrels, can also see the meal around our feet farm chickens and dogs, long time no see such a scene. Walking across the lawn wicking pants can protect the ankle by weed scratch, quick drying skirt also let love sit on the floor I was no longer afraid of the trousers n相关的主题文章:

Fund company old driver, please note 3 small companies profit significantly accelerated

Fund company " old driver " please note: 3 small companies profit significantly accelerated the exposure of the Sina fund platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! On each reporter Tan Jing established a long time the fund company after several years of development, the scale of asset management have been accumulated to a certain extent, to achieve a substantial profit growth is not easy. Some small and medium-sized fund companies dashing, net profit doubled, without exception, the reason is another way to rely on non-public business bucked the trend. The best financial cattle found that the first half of this year, Hua Fu, Xin Yuan and CAITONG of 3 small and medium-sized fund companies have successfully achieved net profit doubled. In the market, a lot of Guadan comprehensive strength is far greater than the company’s own funds is not "self", it is a stream, impressive. Winners tend to have the same genes. Read the recent earnings of listed companies, financial only surprised to find the cattle, three fund companies have a common characteristic — since last year, 3 companies net profit growth has continuous growth seems to be accelerating to catch up with other fund companies momentum. According to the calculation of the respective shareholders of the listed company earnings statistics, the first half of 2015, the second half of 2015 and the first half of 2016 three period, net profit of Huafu fund was 2 million 40 thousand yuan, 20 million 370 thousand yuan and 61 million 170 thousand yuan net profit; Xin Yuan fund was 35 million 830 thousand yuan, 38 million 610 thousand yuan and 115 million yuan; CAITONG fund is 140 million yuan, 181 million yuan and 290 million yuan, showed a growth momentum, and the first half of this year has accelerated italy. Here we take a look at 3 specific companies in the end what trick? According to shareholders Guomai reported Huafu fund at the end of 2014, the net profit is negative, the first half of 2015 on a successful turnaround, this year has jumped to 61 million 170 thousand yuan, an increase of about 29 times 1 years. Guomai technology in the 2015 annual report had explained that Huafu fund profitsurge: the main reason is that the company that the securities investment fund management fees and specific client asset management fee income due to a substantial increase. Data shows, Huafu fund was inaugurated October 2013, as of December 31, 2015, the company management of the total asset size of 264 billion 100 million yuan, which raised the scale of 72 billion 300 million yuan (market ranked thirty-fourth), account size of 8 billion 200 million yuan, a subsidiary of the scale of 183 billion 600 million yuan (market ranked fifteenth). Currently a total of 11 Fund (A B separate calculation), fixed income products reached 8 (bond class only, the IMF is only 3), equity funds and the establishment of all the 3 in May last year after the establishment of. Because of the fixed income products accounted for the majority of the company’s products fall has little effect on the performance of last year in the stock market, the fund since its inception, in addition to Huafu health mixed slightly loss of 4.3%, the rest are to achieve a positive return. Visible, fixed income and product accounts with more profits for the company. Hua Fu fund相关的主题文章:

South Korean presidential candidate with Park Geun hye to stop the deployment of de Sade – Sohu Mili dataload

South Korean presidential candidate with Park Geun hye against: to halt deployment of Sade – Sohu military channel page first: Korean presidential candidate with Park Geun hye [Abstract] on October 2nd, when Pu Jinhui attended the event for the deployment of thad defense, she stressed, "this is the minimum self-defense measures", called for national unity, to jointly cope with North Korean provocation. But hot competition people the next South Korean presidential selection in the proposed view, on the 9 day he called on the government to suspend the deployment of Sade anti missile system on the Korean Peninsula, alluding to the words of President Park Geun hye for defense deployment plan. Park in Chungnam in October 2nd the armed forces headquarters at the Army Day celebrations for the deployment of thad defense, she says North Korea is trying to split the South Korean society will collapse "Sade" deployment of anti missile system from the inside, is South Korea’s minimum self-defense measures. The next president of South Korea’s popular candidate, former Democratic Party leader Wen zaiyin jointly proposed 9 diametrically opposed views, he urged the government to suspend the deployment of "Sade" anti missile system in the Korean peninsula. For park Geun hye and Wen zaiyin. The Global Times reported: the next South Korean President hot competition candidate, former Democratic Party common Wen zaiyin 9, called on the government to suspend the deployment of Sade anti missile system on the Korean Peninsula through diplomatic efforts to promote the denuclearization of the peninsula.     South Korea’s Yonhap news agency said 9 days, Wen said on Facebook in the day before the end of 2017, South Korea and the United States will deploy "Sade" decision must be approved by Congress, "and insists that only" Sade "deployment is consistent with the interests of the state, as from a more comprehensive view on how to safeguard the interests of the state". That President Park Geun hye deployment plan for defense. Wen said in a bid to push North Korea back to the negotiating table. Related: Reference News Network reported on October 3rd: foreign media said, South Korean President Park Geun hye 1 for the deployment of "Sade" system defend the decision she stressed, "this is the minimum self-defense measures", called for national unity, a common response to North Korean provocation. At the same time, she to Korean people shouted: "open road of hope for our Korean people. You are welcome to come to Korea at any time." Extended reading: Obama for the first time with the field Park thad supposed to ensure the deployment of China Park see Putin song for undeployment thad open condition of Russian opposition to page second: Wen zaiyin publicly asked to stop Zod according to the South Korean military deployment plan in the first half of next year, if you can smoothly deploy "Sade", South Korea will have minimum defense. In case of an emergency, North Korea is likely to attack southern ports and airports in an effort to stop U.S. troops, so South Korea must be on guard against it. According to the South Korean "Korean Daily" reported on October 1st, South Korean President Park Geun hye said in September 30th: "North Korea’s nuclear threat as the dagger in the neck." The American anti missile system. According to Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" website reported on October 2nd, the same day Pu Jinhui said the armed forces headquarters in Chungnam to attend the Army Day celebrations, North Korea should face the reality, to give up its nuclear weapons, return to normal state road. She said the North Korean government is testing the will of the Republic of korea"相关的主题文章:

Due to the wiper problem MITSUBISHI two days in China called back to the car 190 thousand – Sohu windjview

Due to the problem of MITSUBISHI wiper two days in China called back to the car of the 190 thousand – Sohu since February of this year, MITSUBISHI frequently recalled cars worldwide, and now this momentum spread to china. Beijing Daily reporter in November 3rd from the defective product management center national quality inspection bureau learned that in November 1st, 2, two days, MITSUBISHI automobile wiper to the State Quality Inspection Administration filed a recall plan, involving a total of 191762 vehicles. The recall announcement shows, Guangzhou MITSUBISHI recalled 119543 vehicles in October 26, 2012 June 4th during the production of -2015 Jin Hyun cars, MITSUBISHI recalled 17547 vehicles in July 7, 2010 -2012 year in March 20th during the production of imported ASX Jin Hyun cars, as well as the November 23, 2006 -2012 year in September 27 between the date of production of some 2007-2012 models imported outlander EX Jin Sector Series cars, involving the number of 54672 cars. The scope of the recall of vehicles due to the front windshield wiper cover area of the water will be stored in the wiper motor from the periphery of the drip, and accumulated in the motor breathing holes around. In the cooling process of the windshield wiper motor running in the rain from the suction motor internal breathing holes, resulting in internal rust of parts, seizure or circuit failure, leading to the wiper motor running fault, may affect the driver in the normal running process in the field of vision, increased vehicle collision risk, there are security risks. It is reported that MITSUBISHI has recently also to the Japanese Ministry of land, apply, will recall the September 2005 -2014 year in January the production of Ou Lande and RVR two models, a total of 100797, also because of the wiper problem of the existence of security risks. According to incomplete statistics, the recent recall of MITSUBISHI in the global number of vehicles over 1 million 550 thousand vehicles. (Editor: Qiu Liying)相关的主题文章:

New C6 led Dongfeng Citroen shine Chengdu Auto Show pt100分度表ֶȱ�

The new C6 led Dongfeng Citroen shine Chengdu auto show as the western region’s largest, highest annual car event, the nineteenth Chengdu international auto show opening soon. Dongfeng Citroen all models of full participation by the new enjoy limousine led by C6, T C5, a new era of the new articles C4L, C4, C3-XR, the new Elysee SEGA and imported cars Citroen new C4 PICASSO together with the debut, go to a "different pleasure" car feast for the majority of consumers in Southwest china. As the car comfort and comfort to consumers to upgrade, Citroen released CAC (CITROË N ADVANCED COMFORT) Citroen leading comfortable design concept of global product R & D, it will guide the design direction of Citroen products in the world. As CAC under the concept of the first strategic product, a new generation of Citroen’s flagship C6 system design based on CAC’s 4 core consumer interests: comfortable, convenient, clean, simple and complete interpretation of MI, CAC global product design concept, is a "meet the full range of comfortable" luxury car, not only bring to the user is the body feeling comfortable, but also spiritual comfort. Over the past century, Citroen adhering to the spirit of innovation, and constantly create a superior, forward-looking known high-end models, creating a new era of a new comfortable experience. C6 heritage Citroen 88 years of high-end car essence, is the highest level of product system products. Since Dongfeng Citroen C6 unveiled at the Beijing auto show, has aroused widespread concern, it has become B+ car market with the new LaCrosse, three new magotan. C6 brings together the global advantage of PSA resources, and for the Chinese consumer demand for research, according to the characteristics of China to complete the full road test, is a fully meet the needs of the Chinese market car. Located in the new Dongfeng more enjoy senior car Citroen C6, break through the limitations of the traditional in the senior car configuration and design, provide a higher level of comfortable driving experience for consumers. Please visit the Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center, No. four exhibition hall Citroen & Dongfeng Citroen joint booth.相关的主题文章: