Environmental protection department officials to promote environmental monitoring and supervision of gamelink

The Ministry of environmental protection officials talk about promoting environmental protection supervision and law enforcement agencies to monitor the vertical management system reform in new network on 23 September, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Rong Qihan, Yang Weihan) Office of the State Office recently issued the "guidance" of the pilot work below the provincial Environmental Protection Agency monitoring the supervision and enforcement of the vertical management system reform, which marks the provincial Environmental Protection Agency monitoring the supervision and enforcement of the vertical management system reform was officially launched. This will be the focus of reform will be how to carry out? And what changes will be brought about? Xinhua News Agency reporters interview with Li Ganjie, Vice Minister of the Ministry of environmental protection. Focus on solving the "4 outstanding issues" question: what is the significance of the implementation of this reform? Li Ganjie: the implementation of the provincial Environmental Protection Agency under the supervision and law enforcement monitoring vertical management system, the Central Committee of the party standing in the height of the global arrangements, is a major reform of the system of ecological civilization in China, is a major adjustment of environmental management system in our country, but also the "13th Five-Year" period must attach great importance to and push a key the work done. There are 4 outstanding issues in our current to block the main local environmental management system: one is difficult to implement the oversight responsibilities of the local government and relevant departments, the two is difficult to solve local protectionism on environmental monitoring law enforcement intervention, three is difficult to adapt to the new requirements and solutions will cross regional inter basin environmental problems four, is difficult to regulate and strengthen the construction of the local environmental protection agency. This reform adhere to the problem oriented and goal oriented, based on system reform of environmental governance, can achieve the "4 benefits": one is beneficial to solve the 4 outstanding issues; two is conducive to the environmental protection target responsibility clear, decomposition and implementation; three is conducive to mobilize the enthusiasm of all sectors to form a joint force four is conducive to environmental protection; new and old system smooth transition. Establish and improve the vertical management of basic environmental protection system, will implement the "air pollution prevention action plan" and "water pollution prevention action plan" "soil pollution prevention action plan" to provide a strong security system, to promote the "five in one" overall planning and coordination to promote the "four comprehensive" on the overall strategic layout, has a significant and far-reaching the meaning of. Critical path: two strengthening, the focus of the two, the sound of the two Q: what is the critical path of this reform? How to grasp the "landing"? Li Ganjie: opinions put forward two strengthen, focus on the two, the sound of the reform of the two key path of environmental vertical management system. – two strengthen refers to the strengthening of local Party committees and governments and relevant departments of environmental responsibility and implement a clear, strengthening the implementation of the local government and relevant departments of environmental responsibility supervision and accountability; two focus refers to the provincial environmental protection department focusing on ecological environmental quality monitoring and environmental monitoring, city (the ground) county level two the focus of environmental law enforcement; the two refers to the establishment of the perfect coordination mechanism, establish and improve information sharing mechanism. Dynamic system, moving mechanism, moving people, pull a hair and the whole body. Opinions require the pilot provinces in accordance with the spirit and requirements of the opinions, seeking truth from facts, emancipating the mind, good at innovation, actively and steadily push forward the implementation of the reform program and the preparation of the pilot program. – -.相关的主题文章:

Gansu taxi industry to crack the central city taxi difficult sugus

Gansu city taxi industry reform center crack taxi difficult reform of Gansu taxi industry center city taxi difficult to break the general office of the Gansu provincial government announced 16 days, in order to effectively solve the city taxi difficult problem, Gansu will get rid of the mechanism of the taxi management system on the long-standing history, improve taxi service quality, better meet the needs of the masses travel. In recent years, the traditional taxi industry in Gansu taxi difficult, the quality of service is not high, can not effectively meet the needs of multi-level travel problems are increasingly prominent. At the same time, the network booking taxi came into being, in order to meet the individual needs of passengers travel at the same time, but also to the traditional taxi industry has brought a greater impact. The taxi service mainly includes the taxi service and the online booking taxi service. Gansu views put forward in the implementation of the taxi industry to deepen reform, standardize the network booking taxi management, building a diversified, differentiated travel service system; promote the parade, car rental reservation network of old and new formats of mutual integration, promote the sustained and healthy development of the taxi industry. Gansu proposed to seize the favorable opportunity of the implementation of the "Internet plus" action, promote the transformation and upgrading of the taxi cruise through "taxi + Internet"; standardize network booking taxi business, through the "Internet plus taxi" to meet the travel needs of passengers service quality and differentiation. In deepening the reform of the existing taxi cruise, cruise taxi operating period is not clear or implemented management right of compensation for the use, Gansu will use economic, legal and administrative means, the scientific development of the transition plan, and determine a reasonable transition period. Opinions clear, should give priority to the development of public transport, the overall development of cruise taxi and taxi booking network, the management of dislocation development and differences, to provide quality and variety of the transport service to the public. Accurately grasp the proportion of taxi in the city’s comprehensive transport system, determine the size of the taxi, and establish a dynamic monitoring and adjustment mechanism, and gradually achieve market regulation. In order to promote the business model upgrade, Gansu encourage the taxi to join the network cruise booking taxi company platform, to provide operational services through telecommunication and Internet services; encourage the development of on call taxi cruise service; non cash payment to encourage the promotion of use meet the financial standards, to facilitate public travel; encourage and expand services, through the modification section type meter, convenient carpool passengers pay reasonable valuation, respectively. In addition, encourage, support and guide the Gansu taxi companies, taxi drivers, industry associations and trade unions equal consultation, according to the business cost, price changes and other factors, determine a reasonable and dynamic adjustment of cruising taxi contract fee standard, deposit and fixed tasks, the existing standard is too high to be reduced, in order to further reduce the elements of money". (end)相关的主题文章:

For customer share, is the hometown of the Mid Autumn Festival you make a wish, for you to send us S www.1234567.com

For customer share, is the hometown of the Mid Autumn Festival: you make a wish for you, we send the Sohu tourism fruit column crystal disc cake like mid autumn moon round into cold feeding and house not to the same moon as the tuanle Mid Autumn Festival, the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, also known as "Yuexi", "mid autumn festival". And eat moon cake, it will become the most famous one of the customs of the day. Both young and old minority, both located in their journey or not, people will be feeling in this place a little cake. A reunion, blessing often eat moon cake reminds us of the sincere love. Walk off their choice of regional tourism in the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, we must advance around the "Mid Autumn Festival" custom, through the holidays to experience the local different local customs and practices, let your mid autumn trip has a different kind of taste. Phoenix Town – the mid autumn moon dance custom > > since ancient times covered the mystery of Phoenix Town, still maintains the natural simplicity of folk customs and scenery. Every mid autumn night, the bright moonlight shines through the Miao Miao men and women copycat, family reunion, as to their happiness love miss, to all generations in the mid autumn night, bathed in the glow of the moon, dance the Miao dance. And this custom called "tiaoyue". "Jump", in this to all men of literature and writing Hunqianmengying and lovers, hand in the ancient city of stone walk on the moon, the river lanterns wishing, for love blessing; or sit in this open space, chat. Hongkong: Mid Autumn Festival Mid autumn night after the Dragon > > China Mid Autumn Festival in Hongkong is the most concentrated flavor of the time. In addition to the island of Hongkong and visit the Lantern Festival, more wonderful, very traditional dragon dance staged. Fire, smoke color flow in Hongkong is no longer a cosmopolitan city, but the Chinese taste "south of the Five Ridges island". Every the 14th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, Hong Kong is to attract the attention of the local Hongkong pit. In the evening a large number of people flock to the pit of lotus palace. A somewhat mysterious ceremony is being held in the temple, that is the pit of the opening ceremony of dragon dance. It is said that the dragon dance has been passed in the pit area for hundreds of years, legend of the original dragon dance is the Hakka fishermen to settle pit pestilence, pray for good weather, family peace. Vietnam "Mid Autumn Festival" – listen to Agui, playing lantern > > listen to the family playing lanterns, Vietnamese Mid Autumn Festival for your child carp, show their own characteristics. AKI is equivalent to the Vietnamese version of the moon, to save civilian Bao paper with carp to the town of light. So, the children to Agui fairy tree obtained after Xian without medical training, sewage water trees, the immortal tree fly on the moon, he refused by the hand of roots, was also to blame. Night lights lit, the legend is the carp into fine after the harm, to save civilian Bao paper with carp to the town of light. So, the children are listening to "expensive" legend in the evening of the Mid Autumn Festival will put carp fish out to play, that "jump up". Sri Lanka "Mid Autumn Festival" Moon Festival – > > Mid Autumn Festival, in most Asian countries and regions is once a year. However, Sri Lanka’s "moon festival.相关的主题文章:

Xinjiang focus on remediation of illegal travel website dishonesty – China Network dingxiangwuyuetian

The new Xinjiang tourism focus on remediation site is illegal dishonesty – Xinhua News Agency Urumqi November 1st news (reporter Pan Ying) Xinjiang tourism website recently launched special rectification action of serious violations of dishonesty, through online inspections, investigations, reports of illegal dishonesty on issues such as the region’s tourism website exists to carry out centralized regulation. Reporters from the the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Tourism Bureau, the special rectification activities including comprehensive travel sites, travel sites, online travel booking service sites, tourist attractions and tourism website website channel etc.. This action will focus on 7 illegal content process: one is false propaganda, fictional facts, of the scenic spots, hotel accommodation standard fuzzy; two tourism website provides booking service disputes, information fails to unsubscribe from predetermined error, consumption; the three is the establishment of tourism website information fraud, false cheat; four is malicious disclosure of personal information, privacy violations; five is the release of gambling, pornography and other illegal content; six is not set up user complaint platform or not timely disposal of user complaints information; the seven is the default user travel website and conniving illegal acts of dishonesty. At the same time, Xinjiang is to build tourism integrity publicity platform, the platform will be promptly announced to the public the local tourism team daily reference price and minimum consumption of tourism products to promote tourism product integrity guidance, transparent charging.相关的主题文章:

Modern Yue or October 18th listing optional 1.4l1.6l (video) popkart

Modern Yue or listed in October 18th optional 1.4L 1.6L, according to the latest release of the official website of modern Beijing, modern Yue is expected in October 18th this year, the listing of sales. Beijing modern accepted production version unveiled at the 2016 Chengdu auto show as Rena (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) replacement model, accepted in positioning than high rena. The new car’s length and breadth were 4380mm 1728mm 1460mm, wheelbase 2600mm, size and wheelbase compared to Rena has a slight upgrade. In Beijing modern habits, pleasing and Rena whether sales also can make nothing of it. The new car uses horizontal banner grille grille, headlamps sharp, the distance is an integral design, equipped with lens and LED driving lights. Side of the line is quite distinctive, slipped back lines so that size is not acceptable and a roof curve more stretch, slightly upturned tail and cohesion, and to enhance the role of luggage space. Interior style is typical of modern family style, gull wing layout, three spoke leather multifunction steering wheel, control and large screen based entertainment equipment. Power, Wyatt provides 1.4L and 1.6L two naturally aspirated engine optional, which 1.4L engine maximum power 73.7kW (100PS), 1.6L engine maximum power 90.2kW (123PS), transmission 6MT and 6AT optional.相关的主题文章:

[Baidu] clear plume lottery Lotto 16102nd period and the value range of 70-89- Sohu clazziquai

[Baidu] lottery Lotto 16102nd: clear plume and interval 70-89- Sohu review on the lottery Lotto 16101st lottery number: the former district: 0406283335: 0712, the characteristics of posterior area before the number size is smaller than 3:2, the parity ratio of 2:3, and a value of 106, a span of 31, a large open area parity combination 0712. The recommended number comprehensive recommendation: 0205101522232634 + 01040910 0205152334 + 0110: a singled out before the current analysis, size ratio: the size ratio of 3:2, out of 2 consecutive, this period value small rebound, recommended ratio of 2:3 or 1:4. Parity ratio: the ratio of 2:3 parity, separated out, this period of curiosity to see code covering, the recommended ratio is 3:2 or 4:1. And value: the period and the value of 106, missing 11 opened in the range of 100-109, this period can see and value down, recommended interval for 70-89. Three area ratio: zone three on the ratio of 2:0:3, the two district three district open, hot, this period can see two area to pick up, recommended ratio is 2:2:1. The back analysis of the period from the odd combination of 0712. In terms of size, all the big form missing out of the 3 phase, this period can be seen in the small combination appeared; parity, parity missing out of the 4 phase, this period can be seen even odd or even odd combination appeared. Baidu lottery () expert feather original相关的主题文章:

The Municipal Department official hospitality declined hospitality guests who indicate inferior – Be adobe gamma

The Municipal Department official hospitality declined hospitality guests who indicate Beijing three – second reading books of Beijing funded newspaper news (reporter Li Zewei) the municipal departments of public funds, official reception fees generally decline, a decline of 98% units, after the cut, a single bit official reception fee is only 12 yuan per capita, Tiananmen area the number of units without official hospitality. In addition, each unit of the official reception fee also indicate the reception of foreign delegations. 7 units of official hospitality budget completely cut off the Department announced the official reception fee issues in more detail, the reception batch number, receiving group are listed, many units also specifically noted foreign passengers and group reception. Such as the office of the Municipal People’s Congress, the official reception fee of 698 thousand and 100 yuan, mainly for the airport lounge rental fees, meals and specify the reception inside and outside the thing. Official reception 152 batches, official reception of 2849 passengers. The Chinese delegation, including reception in Europe Japan Tokyo parliamentary delegation, Argentina Buenos Aires City Council Delegation, Mongolia Ulan Bator parliamentary delegation, South Korea Seoul City Council Delegation of foreign affairs delegation. Beijing Municipal People’s Procuratorate official reception fee 302 thousand and 100 yuan, official reception of the 1154 batches, official reception of 6259 people, including foreign guests reception of the 10 batches, the number of passengers. The 2015 official reception expenses and budget accounts for the number of comparison can be found, a number of units of the official reception fee fell significantly, for example, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce official reception fee in 2015 was 1 thousand and 100 yuan, 94 thousand yuan less than the beginning of 2015 budget number 95 thousand and 100 yuan, a decrease of 98.84%; the City Federation of industry and commerce, the official reception fee of 1 thousand and 300 yuan, 46 thousand and 500 yuan less than the beginning of the year 2015 budget number 47 thousand and 800 yuan, a decrease of 97.28%, belong to a large decline in the unit. Tiananmen District Administrative Committee official hospitality budget of 135 thousand yuan, but did not spend the whole year, the expenditure fell by up to 100%, equivalent to completely cut. Municipal government Counselors’Office, rural construction office, West Area Management Committee, Beijing state owned assets supervision and administration office culture, Beijing cultural market administrative law enforcement corps, Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Center is the case, the 7 units have a budget, but no spending. 12 units without official reception fee has been strictly controlled, the number of official reception fee of a large number of units, such as the City Federation of trade unions in 2015 official reception fee of only $1 thousand, official reception of 13 passengers. Beijing counterpart support and economic cooperation leading group office official reception fee 4 thousand yuan, official reception of 152 passengers, only $26 per capita. Tiananmen Area Management Committee, West CMC and other 12 units, no official reception fee. In addition, the unit also has higher spending, such as the high court official reception fee of 995 thousand and 500 yuan, mainly for major cases during the hearing related reception, reception and other legal aid personnel, 894 batches of domestic official reception, official 6相关的主题文章:

Sunset, take you to go to Busan to see the night 索尼a350

Sunset, take you to go to Busan to see the night? Obama made generous Raiders, take you to see the most beautiful night view of Busan! Save a few years photo shoot, although not good, but also live together, issued a Busan night finishing spots set to share ^ ^ 1. How to begin from the introduction of Dapu Busan most beautiful sunset beach, here called Oura beach, a few kilometers of coastline. Obama is the last to mid July, found that the wetland ecological beach visits road has been built, a total length of seven hundred meters of the boardwalk in the marsh crab, clams could be closely observed; wood height is said to nearly a hundred years of precipitation and the tide of information design, to ensure that no water seepage. Recommended to go in the afternoon, you can wait until sunset, the lights and the setting sun should be very romantic. Address:??????????? (much of the Busan metropolitan city area under the sand hole)   peripheral bus 96 stops, 96-1338, March 10002. Gansu Sichuan Culture Village Gansu Sichuan culture village is a trip to Busan will go to the place, Obama recommend a can shoot the best seats at sunset culture village. The fish go less than three minutes on the left side of the road, there is a shop called "friends", the three layer is the coffee shop art fan children, South Korean President Park Geun sister a visit to this drop, the best place is on the third floor overlooking the village culture. 3. The Busan Harbour Bridge in Busan harbor bridge at night, in fact, a lot of places you can see, the most beautiful place???????? 217-33 (shadow Island School, hole 217-33) here is a short walk along the beach road, will be able to shoot the first night’s point of view, is not very convenient traffic, to on the island… Then shadow island area, sit 66 bus to??? Get off a few steps to be able to. Caoliang area another place is the last in the article introduced to there, traffic is convenient, is across from the Busan station, a climbing monorail, or walk is also very good, less than half an hour, if you do not want to go directly from the Busan station, take the road 190 or 333 road the bus????? Get off near, can go to the viewing platform. 4. Huangling mountain, Jin Lianshan (holy night) plain hill and Jin Lianshan are two small hills together, basically in the center position of Busan area, more than and 400 meters above sea level, it is particularly suitable for the night view of Busan, Southeast and Northwest can see drop. The above three photos are photographed in Huangling mountain. There is a hill beside the Beacon Tower plain, also built at a new station, said.. It should have been one or two years. Specific address??????????? 391-39 (Busan city wide area Huangling road 391-39). Because it is a small hill, so the only way to drive up the hill near Beacon Tower, will probably go nearly five hundred meters Road to get to the destination, which is about 10 minutes, remember to use the mobile phone to play turn on the lights go out in the evening, Caution. If you travel by public transport, you will;相关的主题文章: