On the taxi company shelling Zhang Weiying should prohibit every citizen walk pigeon blood

On the taxi company shelling Zhang Weiying: should prohibit every citizen walk and learn the "open letter to the Peking University China taxi industry representatives" (see Appendix), I was inspired, decided to appeal to national government regulation policy: the prohibition of every citizen with legs. Of course, the idea of free markets advocated by Zhang Weiying over the years is wrong, and if Zhang Weiying is right, why has the economy been in various forms of regulation in human history? There is a reasonable, there is no regulation of economic development, human free trade will not be born. Control is the mother of business. All great commercial achievements are the result of regulation, without regulation, Jobs can create Apple phone? No regulation, Ma can create Alibaba? Without regulation, will there be so many people on the planet today? Control is the basis of economic development, history has proved that the regulation is more stringent, the more glorious era of the great emperor era, for example, the Han Dynasty era, such as Roosevelt’s New Deal era, such as the Soviet planned economy era, it is one of the people yearn for the "big time". History has proved over and over again that the more motivated politicians are, the more powerful politicians, such as Shang Yang, such as Wang Anshi, for example, for example, for example, for example, in the case of mr.. Without control, there will be no glorious history of mankind. The existence of all regulation is not to protect the interests of interest groups. But to protect the interests of all, and no one is an island. Where there is no regulation, business will decline and civilization will perish. Some historians have shown that the three great civilizations of the four civilizations have died because of lack of control. Control is the first source of all virtues and virtue. In the open letter, it is not just a single country or a special case of a city, but a similar policy in many parts of the world. The control policy is very wise, and net about the car is not a doctor, but the disease. Apply the famous artist Jackie Chan’s famous saying: "the network about the car so much, regardless of the tube, how do you do?" The best way is to completely ban control network about cars, by the Uber company of evil shareholder, capitalists for compensation of unemployed driver, shoot two hawks with one arrow. And a large number of drivers will be able to sell their cars after the unemployment, the prosperity of the used car market, an increase of GDP. Control network is imminent, but a more serious problem has long been ignored, that is, people walk with their feet, every day, in the streets, how many security incidents? How much of the gross national product and employment opportunities are lost in the process of walking? If people are forbidden to walk with their legs, how wonderful the world will be! Imagine, after banning people walking on two legs, the taxi industry will be prosperous, more importantly, to promote scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship, such as wheelchair like tools will help people to walk more convenient. What a big market! How much GDP will be created and how many jobs! How much entrepreneurship and innovation will drive! How many accidents and tragedies will be reduced! As an economist, Zhang Weiying opposed industrial policy, the source相关的主题文章: