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Nearly 1000 tons of substandard pesticides into the wheat producing areas of 100 tons of missing unqualified pesticide emergency notice emergency notice central broadcasting network Anyang on September 25th news (reporter Xin Bobai morning tube Shawn China) according to voice of "peak Evening News" reported that recently, the development of organic agriculture in Beijing heart, Beijing north nine Environmental Technology Laboratory in Henan and Anyang Hongqi Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. three pesticide R & D and production enterprises, has issued an emergency notice through the media, the recall has been selling more than and 950 tons of unqualified pesticide market. Hebei, Henan, Shandong, to remind the Jiangsu province wheat farmers, if purchased by a Henan Anyang red flag Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. production called "permis – Qiao with tebuconazole, imidacloprid", please stop using immediately! Manufacturers said that there are still more than and 200 tons of pesticides can not be linked to the buyer, or will lead to the area has been used, a large area of wheat production. In September 23rd, Anyang Hongqi Pharmaceutical Company Limited announced that the company produced 11% tebuconazole and imidacloprid suspension concentrate, registration number is 20152153, currently found on Wheat Seeds Germination and seedling emergence have significant phytotoxicity. The products have been sold to Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Hubei, Shanxi and other provinces. After the company found the problem, has taken immediate measures to recall. The general manager of the company and the Tecsun said: "Hongqi pharmacy to integrity, in order to protect the interests of farmers, resolutely and thoroughly recall. This year because of climate issues, although approved by the Ministry of agriculture, but the content is too high can not be used." Red flag pharmaceutical is the batch of pesticide production enterprises. The company said in the announcement, there are at least 200 tons of products can not contact the buyer, so the company hopes to use the media, advertising to the community, and immediately stop the use of the product. Notice also left the company’s contact information, to facilitate timely contact with farmers manufacturers. He Desheng introduction, the matter has aroused great attention in the agricultural sector. "The province directly, just the day before yesterday in the Ministry of Agriculture Institute held a meeting yesterday, before returning home County Institute for drug control meeting tomorrow." Reporters learned that the batch of pesticides sold a total of more than and 950 tons, if all are used, it may lead to about 6 million 500 thousand acres of wheat can not be normal. At present, manufacturers have been through channels such as distributors, confirmed that you can recall about 711 tons. Due to the time of sale and retail purchases and other reasons, as of yesterday, there are still more than 230 tons of formulations can not find buyers. According to the formulation of the formulation of the North Beijing nine environmental technology laboratory technician, the more than and 230 tons of preparation, if used, it may result in less than 1 million 500 thousand acres of wheat seedlings, resulting in reduced production. Sold 1000 tons of samples, and now at least 1/5 can not confirm what is in the hands of. Beijing organic agricultural technology development center, Beijing north nine environmental technology laboratory, the two companies have for the batch of pesticides, to provide some technical support. The two units in September 21st jointly issued a notice, said the batch of pesticides will produce significant phytotoxicity risk, suggest that farmers discontinued immediately. Beijing organic agricultural technology development center is responsible for the preparation of the registration staff Wang Jihong, also took the initiative to contact the central wide, admits that in 7相关的主题文章: