Near a 2900 point war brokerage market funds into the Jiancang range promising market in October

The property market funds and A Stock Brokerage: near 2900 points into the Jiancang range promising market in October Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares after the stock market: many city the most simple way for people to pick up the money to go out to play a circle of home found themselves suddenly no sales qualification. This is really not a piece, during the National Day holiday, the regulation policy of "blossom everywhere", the purchase of credit limit, the property market as a winter night. In this case, the funds ready to buy a house and where to invest? A private person in the circle of WeChat said that the property market funds began to A shares, in a recent issue of private equity products, there are a lot of subscribers is removed from the property market investors. Crazy property market A shares adjusted anticipated A stock market "Kim Gu" ultimately failed to achieve, as of the end of the closing, the stock index fell 2.62% in September, before the three quarter of A shares fell 15.1%, once again the "bear" crown global stock market. Review before a period of A shares, turnover in the doldrums, sentiment slack is one of the most important features, but the property market is hot, blood money market is also considered an important cause of 1000 sideways market. So after the market regulation wind at tight, A shares will usher in the "silver ten" market? The industry pointed out that the festival with the Shenzhen Tong Jianxingjianjin, the economic index released, capital is expected to return to A shares, is expected to usher in a wave rally weak. Private person Chen Yun said, in a flood of liquidity, asset shortage era, A stock market has become the property substitution achieveassets value, public appreciation potential, but is the lack of money effect and confidence. Compared to the real estate market, A shares since last year after the adjustment to the systemic risk probability is very low, but more crazy than the current housing market has investment value, once the A shares appear steady wave of market rebound, will likely absorb part of the real estate speculation funds. It is worth noting that a private person in the circle of WeChat said in the current issue of private equity products, there are a lot of subscribers is removed from the property market investors to withdraw from the property market, these funds have begun steps to the layout of A shares. In August China settlement monthly statistics released also show that at the end of 8 hold A stock market capitalization of more than 100 million yuan of natural persons 4392 people, an increase of 174 at the end of 7. Broker: fourth quarter "trend" market will continue despite the Shanghai stock index still around 3000 points near the shocks, the private equity fund managers are in ample supply of ammunition, waiting for Kakura Ryo. Daily economic news reporter interviewed a number of private equity learned that the National Day is more private ownership of the festival. Because the position is not high, the general positions in the 4-5, the late opening of the larger space, just waiting for a chance of opening. State Securities (600109, stock it) latest research report that during the National Day holiday, real estate regulation into focus. The real estate market and the A stock market has a certain degree of "seesaw effect". If the government to strengthen the regulation of real estate, do not rule out the possibility of capital inflows A shares. However, taking into account the mobility and other factors, A shares are expected to continue in the fourth quarter, incremental theory相关的主题文章: