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Nature in the wild, light foot + hot spring = perfect day – Sohu today to nature tourism, has become a trend, tens of thousands of people living in excessive mentally and physically exhausted civilization began to walk into the mountains that is to go home, nature is a necessity, and the Mountains Forest Park Reserve role is not only as a source of wood with the river, it is the source of life. On the first weekend in March, turn off the computer, was filled with the haze to a body strong as iron city life, with a relaxed mood to Ninghai County, Ningbo City, here, I hope to find my outdoor life. No more important than what in short weekend bid farewell to the city life, starting from Ningbo in 1.5 hours, 4.5 hours drive from Shanghai, will be able to change the forest oxygen bar in the lung of Ninghai "". Ninghai in the early March, spring has not been, but people who love the outdoors has of Ninghai National Trails, here is the first in line with the national standard of fitness trails Chinese, outdoor hiking and fitness can be combined to the life, also can realize the modern way of life at home on foot light. Wake up at seven in the morning on Saturday, with the sound of the birds in the mountains, with a good breakfast. And friends about the Ninghai trail with the challenges of the most classic route: azalea mountain entrance – Cuckoo mountain peak – wangshe – – Xu Xilin – wa Yao tou Shan reservoir, the entire 16 km, the highest elevation of 445 meters, the cumulative rise of 517 meters, the cumulative decline of 481 meters. Put on a portable mountaineering equipment, a fresh start. From the hotel to go hiking trails, through the tunnels after suddenly entered another world full of dense fog, the entrance to the mountain trails. Ninghai morning eighteen degree weather with a thin jacket didn’t feel a bit cold, watermelon red color just convenient pictures poser, a light foot can gain so much buddy shooting portrait photos, it is much better than I expected. So the sisters ah, don’t put yourself in high heels dress, quickly put on outdoor portable equipment, together with the embrace of nature. Life in the United States has repeatedly in the outdoor National Park, Yellowstone National Park, North Michigan mountain, wild boar Arch Gate National Park, not only need outdoor equipment in heavy, but also to find the right place for hiking travel over land and water…… But the unique feature of this light foot, you can wear a light and practical and full of fashion colors of outdoor equipment, not far away from the city to complete a walk away. Here, in addition to beautiful scenery, can also taste the flavor of East China: Jungle and brooks, bamboo, tea, pastoral scenery, stone village, reservoir, king, at the foot of the pace did not stop the hands of the shutter according to a stop. In the forest coverage rate reached more than 60% of the land, you can see the woods quickly ran the small squirrels, can also see the meal around our feet farm chickens and dogs, long time no see such a scene. Walking across the lawn wicking pants can protect the ankle by weed scratch, quick drying skirt also let love sit on the floor I was no longer afraid of the trousers n相关的主题文章: