National Day outbound travel into the popular choice of Nanjing spend 6662 yuan per capita haywire

National Day outbound travel into the popular choice of Nanjing spent 6662 yuan per capita yesterday, a tourism website released the "national day of the golden week of domestic tourism consumption trend report," 2016. During the National Day golden week, when the most crowded travel? How much per capita spending? Which countries are the most popular? Here are the answers. It is noteworthy that this year’s golden week, the Chinese outbound tourists spend up to 6374.8 yuan, equivalent to one month’s wages of urban white-collar workers. Jiangsu, Wuxi and Nanjing are more willing to spend money to play, more than the per capita level. The average travel for 7.38 days, not satisfied with the holiday this year’s National Day Golden Week outbound travel tour of the average number of days to 7.38 days, which means that some people choose to fight false travel before or after the holiday. Peak travel, the National Day Golden Week selection before the peak travel outbound people accounted for 45.7%, after the peak travel accounted for 10.6%, and choose to travel in the Golden Week holidays accounted for 43.6%. In September 30th and October 1st, the peak day ahead of the arrival of the National Day golden week to fight fake people up, compared with domestic tourism, outbound tourism peak ahead of the arrival, in September 28th the number of outbound travel began to increase, in September 30th and October 1st two days the number of trips accounted for a total of 20.4%, is the highest peak in this year’s National Day golden week outbound. Where to play? Japan and South Korea is still a big winner yesterday, Ctrip also released a eleven travel forecast, announced the country’s top 15 outbound list. Japan and South Korea and Thailand still occupy the top three. Britain, Russia and other become dark horse, the relevant tourist routes have a substantial increase in passenger revenue, an increase of about 40%-60%. In addition, this year by the visa facilitation, flight encryption, exchange rate fluctuations, changes in supply and demand and other factors, the United States, Britain, France, Russia and the island line prices over the same period last year decreased by 2-3, Europe and the United States and other long-term travel prices, prices fell to less than million. Ten major tourist cities, Suzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi list of National Day holiday, the largest number of tourists in the city, Suzhou ranked second. Nanjing and Wuxi, respectively, fifth and ninth. It is understood that the ten largest source of outbound tourists in the city, the top three Shanghai, Suzhou and Beijing accounted for the total number of trips up to 44%. In other words, during the National Day holiday, nearly half of outbound tourists from the three places. The peak day in October 3rd during the national day of the domestic tourist scenic spot in October 3rd passenger traffic will reach the peak, the number of visitors to the park is expected to reach 21.8% of the total amount of visitors to the park. After the beginning of October 4th around the scenic passenger traffic began to fall. More and more willing to spend money, spend an average of 7 days a small holiday 6374.8 yuan once, everyone wants to go far away. Ten outbound tourists are spending, reaching $6374.8, slightly higher than last year. In other words, a small holiday travel will take one or two months of wages. The people of Wuxi, the average cost of outbound travel over Nanjing and Suzhou in the ten tourists, three in Jiangsu city on the list, while in travel spending, the three city’s performance is quite brisk. Wuxi to spend 6665.4 yuan per capita, beyond Nanjing and Suzhou, became the first province..相关的主题文章: