My new clothes the incarnation of Wu Xin was promoted to President of magic game God – Entertainment p8400

"My new clothes" the incarnation of Wu Xin was promoted to President of magic game God – Entertainment   Sohu; Sohu President Wu Xin incarnation magic entertainment news produced by the Oriental TV variety star straddling fashion "my new clothes" (the original "goddess’s new clothes", season third) on Saturday night on the ten point return to the Oriental TV screen are open model. As much of the audience’s favorite fashion show, "the first phase of performance are potential Wu Xin’s very brisk. Wu Xin partner designer Yang Juan brought my teenage Era series, achieved good results, fresh style of literature and art by fans sought after. In this issue of the program in the face of the pattern of the workplace lady fan children, the theme, Wu Xin brought the "Harry," the theme of the stage show, the entire stage into a magic school in the world, "". The scene is full of a variety of magical elements, dancers wearing a magic cloak, holding a magic broom, rotating magic ball, it seems to give the audience magic. Wu Xin is in a black strapless dress, holding a magic wand, sitting in a magic broom magic drop from the clouds, incarnation of the principal, the stage seems to become Wu Xin’s magic. Wu Xin also bluntly, the clothing to show happy life feeling, is not only the outstanding women in the workplace, it is to return to the family woman. The new series of Wu Xin’s designer Yang Juan brought by the buyer. In the bidding process, the host Lin’s proposal, Wu Xin attempts to host designer announced price price after hearing the heart, look through the two buyers, guess who is one of the high bid. After publication of prices in Linhai, Wu Xin seems to really have magic, is the first of two micro expression buyers are analyzed, and then accurately guessed two buyer’s bid, so that the audience and guests marvel, to praise the incarnation of Wu Xinzhen magic school. And Wu Xin also proudly shouted, I’m high iq." The original "fashion potential" Wu Xin in "my new clothes" program not only promoted to the "game God", and now toward the "high IQ goddess" in the direction of Wu Xin in the end in the program will bring the audience what surprise? More exciting, please lock 10 Oriental TV "my new clothes tonight".相关的主题文章: